documenting the abuse of authority in the Catholic Church



the misuse of authority in the Catholic Church

Since the Second Vatican Council a small but powerful group in the Catholic Church has taken control of governance. Continuing a trend that had started from the beginning of the 20th century, this group, headed by conservative Popes, has abused, and is still abusing, spiritual authority in order to block attempts at reforming the Church as demanded by the Second Vatican Council. The abuse lies at the root of the refusal to change attitudes regarding the conscientious use of contraception, homosexuality, married priests and the ordination of women.

We speak of a real abuse because

The authority of the laity is ignored:

  • in issues concerning faith (the sensus fidelium)
  • in matters of Church governance
  • in worship & liturgy
  • in questions of personal sexual morality.

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Freedom of inquiry and speech is denied to theologians and experts.

  • All are forced to take a restrictive oath of fidelity.
  • Lecturers at Catholic universities and seminaries are dismissed if they dissent from the party-line.
  • Theologians on Vatican Commissions are hand-picked, If they dissent they are sidelined.
  • Similar restrictions are put on writers, editors and publishers.

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The authority of bishops too is abused.

  • Bishops are denied their rightful autonomy and responsibility within their dioceses.
  • Through a secret 'examination' before ordination, only yes-men are elected.
  • Bishops who dissent from Rome are dismissed.
  • Bishops' Conferences are not given the national autonomy envisaged by Vatican II.
  • The Synods of Bishops created by Vatican II to curb the power of the Curia, have been incapacitated.

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The Pope and his Vatican staff indiscriminately usurp all authority in the Church.


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For a vision of how the Church structures could work in the future have a look at the website "Church Authority"

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