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Anne Baring - biography

Anne Baring

Anne Baring (MA. Oxon. 1950) has worked as Jungian analyst (member of the Association of Jungian Analysts) for fifteen years. She is a member of The Scientific and Medical Network and has frequently lectured for them. She teaches here and in America to students of psychology, mythology, fairy tales and alchemy. She has recently (autumn 1999) taught an eleven week course called The Sleeping Beauty, the Prince and the Dragon: An Exploration of the Soul, in her local village.


The One Work: A Journey Towards The Self (the story of a journey to the East and a personal quest for the underlying unity of Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity), published Vincent Stuart, London, 1961 under the name Anne Gage.

The Myth of The Goddess; Evolution of an Image (co-author with Jules Cashford), published by Viking 1991 and Penguin Arkana 1992 (paperback). An exploration of the evolution of consciousness as reflected in the sacred image of Goddess and God.

An interpretation of the fairy tale Cinderella in Psyche’s Stories, edited by Murray Stein and Lionel Corbett, Chiron Publications, Wilmette, Ill. 1991 .

The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time (a book for children) published by Barefoot Books and Shambhala 1993. Illustrated by Thetis Blacker. The story of the Earth’s call for help to the birds of the world and their journey to find The Great Being beyond the edge of time. This is currently being made into a CD by Sounds True Publications, USA, and will be available on the Internet late spring 2000.

> The Mystic Vision (co-author with Andrew Harvey) published by Godsfield Press, England and HarperCollins San Francisco 1995. Illustrated anthology of mystic texts from different cultures in the form of a day-book.

The Divine Feminine (co-author with Andrew Harvey) published by Godsfield Press and Conari Press 1996. An illustrated exploration of the Feminine Face of God in different cultures.

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