Called to be a woman priest

Zur Priesterin Berufen

Gott sieht nicht auf das Geschlecht. Zeugnisse römisch-katholischer Frauen

English translation: “Called to be a Woman Priest. God does not discriminate by gender. The Witness of Roman Catholic Women.”

Edited by: Ida Raming, Gertrud Jansen, Iris Müller und Mechtilde Neuendorff (Hg.), Druck und Verlagshaus Thaur (Krumerweg 9, A-6065 Thaur, Austria) 1998, ISBN 3-85400-070-7. 256 pages. Cost in Germany: 34.80 DM.

This is a wonderful book, gathering the stories and testimonies of 27 women in the German speaking countries of Europe who feel called to the priesthood.

Here is a list of their names, in the order in which they appear in the book:

  • Gertrud Heinzelmann, Zürich (Switserland)
  • Iris Müller, Münster (Germany)
  • Josefa Theresia Münch, Laupheim (Germany)
  • Ida Raming, Münster (Germany)
  • Irene Willig, Mainz (Germany)
  • Elisabeth Hellmich, Vienna (Austria)
  • Ada Hildebrand, Vienna (Austria)
  • Maria Regina Macalka, Teesdorf (Austria)
  • Andrea Mayerhofer, Maria Enzersdorf (Austria)
  • Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger, Linz (Austria)
  • Ursula Papies, Schwechat (Austria)
  • Maria Prieler-Woldan, Leonding bei Linz (Austria)
  • Dorothea Schwarzbauer-Haupt, Graz (Austria)
  • Gabriele Seil, Linz (Austria)
  • Hedwig Ströher, Vienna (Austria)
  • Ingrid Thurner, Volders (Austria)
  • Renate Put, Basel (Switserland)
  • Hildegard Schmittfull, Basel (Switserland)
  • Anette Burkhart, Kenzingen-Hecklingen (Germany)
  • Hildegard Faupel, Dinslaken (Germany)
  • Maria Angelika Fromm, Hahnheim (Germany)
  • Gertrud Jansen, Brüggen (Germany)
  • Mechtilde Neuendorff, Neuwied (Germany)
  • Adelheid Niessen, Aachen (Germany)
  • Ruth Schäfer, Duisburg (Germany)
  • Claudia Schaller-Hieber, Munderkingen (Germany)

Each of them tells her own story. Most have been theologically trained. In spite of many individual differences the same theme recurs: “I care much about the Church. I feel God would like me to devote myself totally to the community as an ordained priest.” The reader cannot be but deeply impressed by the high level of spiritual commitment, common sense, balanced judgment and genuine dedication. How can the Church ignore the ‘signs of the times’, the strrings of the Holy Spirit so manifest in these stories?

John Wijngaards

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