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The social consequences of our Campaign

The social consequences of our Campaign

The ordination of women will enrich the Church with the charisms of women. This will have spiritual and pastoral consequences. It also has enormous implications for the social welfare of women.

Here we present three examples of such social consequences: one from Asia and two from Africa. Women will suffer, also socially and physically, as long as the Church continues to ban women from leadership roles in the Church.

Eradicating the oppression of women in Asia

Read the complete letter here!"We are members of the Catholic Church in Malaysia who have been and still are involved in church organizations, basic Christian communities, inter-religious organizations and various non-governmental organizations for women, justice, the poor and the marginalised. We strongly support the application for financial support to maintain www.womenpriests.org. We agree with the arguments for the ordination of women as published on this website, and fully support the ordination of women in the Catholic Church."

"In our culture where women are less worthy, less privileged and less holy, we desperately need to change the mindset of both men and women to bring about a just society. Just as the Catholic Church is recognised for its leadership on issues of justice and solidarity with the poor, it is in a similar position of leadership and influence for the eradication of oppression of women. When women will be admitted into the priesthood in the Catholic Church, its teaching that women and men are both equally made in the image of God would be credible. By this move, the Catholic Church would finally give due recognition to the dignity of women, and their role in society." Signed by 27 women and men

Protecting women against AIDS in Africa

Read the full story here!Another relevant example is the question of AIDS in Africa . It is an enormous problem. During the last two decades 24 milions died of AIDS, 2.3 million in 2003 alone. In some countries 40% of the population is infected. In a patriarchal society it frequently is the women and their children who are the innocent victims.

It is tragic that the official teaching authority of the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome, still declare the use of contraceptives ‘intrinsically evil’ in any circumstances, including during an epidemic like AIDS. According to official Roman Catholic teaching, women may not protect themselves against the advances of their husbands, even if they are infected with AIDS.

The origin of this misguided prohibition lies not only in a wrong interpretation of Christian principles, but also in the fact that women have no say in these matters. Everything is decided by men.

Protecting women against Female Genital Mutilation

The facts about Fenale Genital Mutilation Female genital mutilation is an extreme example of the general: subjugation of women. Because it is a practice backed by centuries of tradition, its elimination will require far-reaching changes in the status and role of women. Today African women and men are arguing against the custom; they need practical, positive and non-sensationalist support. The role of women in the Church will help to enhance the rights of women throughout the world. Empowerment of women by the Church will help to stop this abuse of women.

Wijngaards Institute for Catholic ResearchThis website is maintained by the Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research.

The Institute is known for issuing academic reports and statements on relevant issues in the Church. These have included scholars' declarations on the need of collegiality in the exercise of church authority, on the ethics of using contraceptives in marriage and the urgency of re-instating the sacramental diaconate of women.

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