Man, Woman, and Priesthood. Edited by Peter Moore

Man, Woman, and Priesthood

Edited by Peter Moore, SPCK London, 1978.
Republished on our website with the necessary permissions.


1. Introduction Peter Moore 1
2. Some Basic Considerations E.L.Mascall 9
3. The Role of Women in Judaism Jonathan Sacks 27
4. The Bearing of Holy Scripture Roger Beckwith 45
5. Christian Priesthood and Women Louis Bouyer 63
6. Man, Woman, and the Priesthood of Christ Kallistos Ware 68
7. Psychological aspects Gilbert Russell & Margaret Dewey 91
8. The Body is the Book Susannah Herzel 101
9. The Experience of the Church of Sweden Bertile E. Gärtner and Carl Strandberg 123
10. A Fractured Church Robert E. Terwilliger 134
11. Conclusion Peter Moore 164


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