Contents page of 'Women Priests? Yes - Now!' Edited by Canon Harold Wilson

Women Priests? Yes - Now!

Edited by Canon Harold Wilson, Denham House Press, 1975.
Republished on our website with the necessary permissions.

The Reverend Harold Wilson was Canon Residentiary and Chancellor of St.Paul's Cathedral.


1. Word without Sacrament - A Lopsided Ministry G. W. H. Lampe 9
2. The Worth of Arguments J. L. Houlden 19
3. The Argument from Creation Edward Patey 27
4. The Argument from Rome Gerald O'Collins 37
5. The Argument from Theology C. P. Price 51
6. The Argument from Vocation Deaconess Hilary 65
7. The Argument from Authority R. C. Craston 75
8. Impressions of a Woman Priest Joyce M. Bennett 88

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