Contents page of 'WOMEN PRIESTS A Catholic Commentary on the Vatican Declaration' edited by Leonard Swidler and Arlene Swidler

A Catholic Commentary on the Vatican Declaration

edited by Leonard Swidler and Arlene Swidler, Paulist Press 1977.
Catalog Card Number: 77-83572; ISBN: 0-8091-2062-3
Republished on our website with the necessary permissions.




Introduction: Roma Locuta, Causa Finita?.......... by Leonard Swidler

The Juridical Significance of the Declaration Francis G. Morrisey

Internal Indecisiveness Carroll Stuhlmueller

A Tale of Two Documents John R. Donahue



Declaration on the Question of the Admission of Women to the Ministerial Priesthood



1. Woman, Human and Ecclesial? M. Nadine Foley

2. Women in the Life of the Church Elizabeth Carroll

3. Ecumenism and the Lack There of Arlene Anderson Swidler

4. Studies on Women Priests Anne E. Patrick

5. The Church Fathers and the Ministry of Women Carolyn Osiek

6. Use the Other Door; Stand at the End of the Line Bernard P. Prusak

7. Fidelity in History Jean M. Higgins

8. Non-Conclusive Arguments: Therefore, Non-Conclusion? Francine Cardman

9. The Scholastic Doctrine George H. Tavard

10. Eastern Orthodoxy and the Ordination of Women Michael A. Fahey

11. The Twelve Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza

12. Ordination and the Ministry Willed by Jesus Thomas P. Rausch

13. Women Leaders in the New Testament J. Massyngberde Ford

14. The Apostleship of Women in Early Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza

15. “Junia Outstanding among the Apostles” (Romans 16:7) Bernadette Brooten

16. Innocent III and the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven E. Ann Matter

17. Women and the Apostolic Community Madeleine I. Boucher

18. Peter’s Pentecost Sermon: A Limitation on Who May Minister. . . ? by Pheme Perkins

19. The Ministry of Women in the Apostolic Generation Adela Yarbro Collins

20. Goddess Worship and Women Priests Leonard Swidler

21. Chapter removed at the author's request.

22. “The Permanent Value of Jesus and the Apostles” J. Massyngberde Ford

23. Women and the Earliest Church: Reflecting on the Problématique of Christ and Culture Mary Rose D’Angelo

24. “Transitory Character” . . . Only in “Disciplinary Cases of Minor Importance”? Juliana Casey

25. Women in the Pauline Assembly: To Prophesy, But Not To Speak? Robert J. Karris

26. The Divine Plan of Creation: 1Cor 11:7 and Gen 2:18-24 209 Thomas L. Thompson

27. St. Paul’s Attitude Toward Women John L. McKenzie

28. Substantive Changes in Sacraments? Paul J. LeBlanc

29. Authentic Theology in Service of the Church Anne Carr

30. Did Jesus Exclude Women from Priesthood? Sandra M. Schneiders

31. Women Priests and Church Tradition Rosemary Radford Ruether

32. Important Clarifications on Argument and Authority Mary Ellen Sheehan

33. Diversity of Roles and Solidarity in Christ Helen M. Wright

34. Women in the Sacramental Priesthood Bernard Cooke and Pauline Turner

35. Recognizing Christ in Women Priests Robert W. Hovda

36. Aquinas on Persons’ Representation in Sacraments Christopher Kiesling

37. Women Can Have a Natural Resemblance to Christ Pauline Turner and Bernard Cooke

38. In the Image of Christ Sonya A. Quitslund

39. Omnis Analogia Claudet Dorothy Irvin

40. Bridegroom: A Biblical Symbol of Union, Not Separation Carroll Stulhmueller

41. Reflections on Discipleship Denise C. Hogan

42. Misunderstanding of Sexuality and Resistance to Woman Sidney Callahan

43. Bishop and Presbyter as Representatives of the Church and Edward J. Kilmartin

44. The"Ordination"of Queens J. Massyngberde Ford

45. Leadership: Secular Gift Transformed by Revelation Carroll Stuhlmueller

46. Discrimination or Equality? The Old Order or the New?.......... by Margaret A. Farley


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