Women Priests in the Catholic Church? A Theological-Historical Investigation by Haye van der Meer. Contents page

Women Priests in the Catholic Church?

A Theological-Historical Investigation

by Haye van der Meer, Temple University Press, Philadelphia, 1973.
Republished on our website with the necessary permissions

First published as Priestertum der Frau? © 1969 by Verlag Herder, K. G., Freiburg im Breisgau
Translated and with a Foreword and Afterword by Arlene and Leonard Swidler

Foreward by Cynthia C.Wedel vii
Translators’ Foreward ix
  Preface 3
I. Introduction 5
II. Holy Scripture 10
  1. Jesus and the Apostles Chose Only Men 10
  2. The Texts from 1 Cor. 11 15
  3. The Texts from 1 Cor. 14 20
  4. The Texts from 1 Tim. 2 23
  5. Divine Law or Church Law in Scripture? 26
  6. Quaedam capitula 32
  7. The Same Subject? 34
  8. The Subjection of Woman 36
  9. Surmounted and Canonized Rabbinism 39
III. The Church Fathers 46
  1. The Decisive Texts 47
  2. No Accord on Woman 59
  3. The Other Subject of the Patristic Statements 68
  4. The Fathers Themselves Progress Beyond Their Own Principles 72
  5. Slaves 81
  6. Afterword on Deaconesses 86
IV. The Teaching Office of the Church 90
  Evaluation of the Texts 99
V. Theological Speculation (Ratio Theologica) 106
  1. The Power of Jurisdiction 106
  -a. The Secular Jurisdiction of Women 112
  -b. Have There Been Women with Spiritual Jurisdiction? 115
  2. The Bridegroom 128
  3. The Begetter of the Life of Grace 143
  4. Mary Was Not a Priest 151
  5. The Situation of the Primitive Church 154
VI. Postscript 157
Translators’ Afterword 163
Notes 169
Index 195

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