Proceedings of the Second Conference on the Ordination of Roman Catholic Women, November 10-12, 1978, Baltimore, Maryland. Table of Contents

Proceedings of the Second Conference on the Ordination of Roman Catholic Women

November 10-12, 1978, Baltimore, Maryland

Table of Contents

Published on our website with permission of the Women's Ordination Conference

Editor's Preface 10
Introduction 11
Conference Process 13
I Plenary Addresses  
  Welcome - M.Luke Tobin 15
  Chains that bind: Racism, Classism, Sexism - Sheila Collins 17
  Roman Catholic Ministry: Patriarchal Past, Feminist Future — Mary Hunt 31
  To Comfort or to Challenge: Theological Reflections on the Pre-Conference Process — Elisabeth Schüssler-Fiorenza 43
II Plenary Panels  
  Ordination of Women: More than One Continent?  
  Mexico - Betsie Hollants 61
  Paraguay — Gloria Rodriguez, OP 66
  Uganda—Cecilia Namayanja, IHM 69
  India - Amala Michael, ICM 71
  Belgium-Odette D’Ursel 76
  Chains That Bond: Creating the Future Church  
  Anne Carr, BVM 83
  Richard McBrien 93
  Margaret Brennan, IHM 96
III Track Presentations  
  Track I — Those Who Feel Called to Priesthood  
  Fran Ferder, FSPA 101
  Elizabeth Carroll, RSM 109
  Track II — Recent Theological Studies on the Issue  
  Sara Butler, MSBT 117
  Carroll Stuhlmueller, CP 126
  Track III — Those Who Want to Strategize on the Issue  
  Patricia Hughes 133
  Eileen Stenzel 141
IV Prayer Events  
  The Liturgical Theme — Elaine Sonosky 147
  Harbor Event 149
  Eucharistic Liturgy 152
  Alternate Liturgy 154
  Rite of Departure Your Daughters Shall Prophesy — M. Shawn Copeland 155
V Pre-Conference Process 159
  A. Conference Task Force 173
  B. WOC Core Commission and Advisory Board 174
  C. Conference Recommendations 176
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