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Bibliography from 'Woman in a Man's Church' by Arlene Swidler


from Woman in a Man's Churchpp. 107-111.
by Arlene Swidler
Published by Paulist Press, New York, 1972.
Republished on our website with the necessary permissions

Beard, Mary. Woman as Force in History. Collier, 1946.

Bird, Caroline. Born Female. D. McKay Company, 1968.

Burger, Ninki Hart. The Executive’s Wife. Macmillan, 1968.

Callahan, Daniel. Abortion. Macmillan, 1970.

Callahan, Sidney Cornelia. The Working Mother. Macmillan, 1971. Sixteen women write about their own experiences.

Clemens, Lois Gunden. Woman Liberated. Herald Press, 1971. A Mennonite view of the question.

Culver, Elsie Thomas. Women in the World of Religion. Doubleday, 1967. A history of women from primitive religion up to the present, including sections on Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam. Very weak on contemporary Catholicism, but the best book on the overall picture.

Cunneen, Sally. Sex: Female; Religion: Catholic. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1968.

Daly, Mary. The Church and the Second Sex. Harper& Row, 1968. This remains the best overall scholarly study of women in the Catholic Church.

Doely, Sarah Bentley, editor. Women’s Liberation and the Church. Association Press, 1970. A first-rate collection of essays by leading Catholic and Protestant women. An excellent appendix includes such things as the report on “Sex Role Stereotyping in the United Methodist Nursery Curriculum.”

Ellmann, Mary. Thinking About Women. Harcourt, Brace & World, 1968.

Ermarth, Margaret Sittler. Adam’s Fractured Rib. Fortress, 1970. A Lutheran study of the role of women which includes summaries of what’s going on in the other churches.

Figes, Eva. Patriarchal Attitudes. Stein and Day, 1970.

Flexner, Eleanor. Century of Struggle. Belknap Press, 1966. This is one of many fine histories of the woman suffrage movement in this country.

Friedan, Betty. The Feminine Mystique. Dell, 1963.

Gibson, Rev. Elsie. When the Minister is a Woman. Holt, Rinehart& Winston, 1970. The book has been sharply criticized by some Protestants as too unmilitant, but for Catholics unused to ordained women it can be quite helpful.

Gillespie, Dair. L. “Who Has the Power? The Marital Struggle.” Journal of Marriage and the Family, August 1971, pp. 445-458. This entire special issue is devoted to “Sexism in Family Studies.”

Greer, Germaine. The Female Eunuch. McGrawHill, 1971.

Granfield, David. The Abortion Decision. Doubleday, 1969.

Grisez, Germain. Abortion. Corpus, 1970.

Hellwig, Monika. “Hope and Liberation.” Liturgy, Oct. 1970, pp. 13-15. This whole issue is devoted to the question of women in the church.

Horner, Matina. “Fail: Bright Women.” Psychology Today, Nov. 1969, pp. 36-38.

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Kanowitz, Leo. Women and the Law. University of New Mexico Press, 1969.

Lamson, Peggy. Few Are Chosen. Houghton Mifflin, 1968.

Malhas, Thurayya A.F. “The Moslem Arab Woman and Her Rights.” WORD, Nov. 1971, pp. 3-5.

McKenna, Sister Mary Lawrence. Women of the Church. P.J. Kenedy, 1967.

Miller, Rev. Elizabeth. Retreat to Tokenism. Available from the Division of Christian Social Concern, American Baptist Convention, Valley Forge, Pa. 19581. 25cents.

A study of employment of Baptist women on the national level.

Millett, Kate. Sexual Politics. Doubleday, 1970.

Nader, Ralph. “How You Lose Money by Being a Woman.” McCall’s, Jan. 1972, pp. 65f.

Presbyterian Life. Feb. 8, 1967. A complete issue devoted to the woman question.

Putnam, Emily James. The Lady. University of Chicago Press, 1970.

Rossi, Alice S., “Equality Between the Sexes: An Immodest Proposal.” One of a number of interesting and intelligent articles in The Woman in America, edited by Robert Jay Lifton. Houghton Mifflin, 1965.

Ruether, Rosemary. “Are Women’s Colleges Obsolete?” The Critic, Oct.-Nov. 1968, pp. 58-64.

Russell, Letty Mandeville. “Women’s Liberation in a Biblical Perspective.” Concern, May-June 1971. Available through YWCA.

The entire issue of this Presbyterian magazine is a study guide for six discussion sessions.

St. Anthony Messenger. March 1971.

A whole issue devoted to women in the church with a number of significant articles and a series of short interviews.

Sawyer, Jack, interviewed by Arline Brecher. “Male Lib.” New Woman, Feb. 1972, pp. 72-ff.

Stendahl, Krister. The Bible and the Role of Women. Fortress, 1966.

Sweeney, Theodora Briggs. “Children, Church, -and Lib.” WORD, Jan. 1971, pp. 18-19.

Swidler, Arlene. “Make Theology Your Business.” WORD, Dec. 1969, pp. 4-11.

Jobs are scarcer now than when this was written, but it remains the only survey of theological opportunities for women.

Swidler, Leonard. “Jesus Was a Feminist.” Catholic World, Jan. 1971, pp. 177-183.

This study of the words and actions of Jesus as portrayed in the four gospels has been translated and reprinted in over a dozen countries.

Veblen, Thorstein. The Theory of the Leisure Class. Modern Library, 1934.

Woolf, Virginia. A Room of One’s Own. Harcourt, Brace, 1957.

World Council of Churches Department on Cooperation of Men and Women in Church, Family and Society. Concerning the Ordination of Women. 1964.

Zborowski, Mark, and Elizabeth Herzog. Life is with People. International Universities Press, 1952.

A sociological study of the East European Jewish village, the shtetl, which includes interesting material on the attitude of Jews toward women.

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