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Research Texts

Research Texts

If you yourself have material that is relevant to our discussion and that you would be prepared to see published in our Women’s Ordination/Catholic Internet Library, please, let me know.

  Research Texts by Scholars Academic position
2015 Ida Raming Mary - Prophet and Priest. A forgotten, suppressed truth. Could she open the door to women's ordination? Theologian
2015 Ida Raming The far too long story of discrimination against women because of their sex Theologian
2015 NCR Staff Early Women Leaders: from Heads of House Churches to Presbyters NCR Staff in consultation with Scholars
2008  John Wijngaards Women Bishops? Views in the Roman Catholic Church, Official and Otherwise Women as Bishops, 2008, pp. 31-42 Full background info here.
2007 John Wijngaards Women leaders and the Catholic Church? Catholics for a changing Church London 2007 Full background info here.
2007 Aaron Milavec Priesthood and Jesus' Jewish inspiration (some extracts from "Salvation Is from the Jews" (John 4:22): Saving Grace in Judaism and Messianic Hope in Christianity, Liturgical Press, July 2007. Emeritus Professor of Theology
2006 John Wijngaards Church without Women Leaders. Will women ever govern the Roman Catholic Church?, The Geneva Post Quarterly, November 2006, Full background info here.
2004 Michelle A.Gonzalez Hans urs von Balthazar and Contempory Feminist Theology Theological Studies, 65 (2004) Vol.65, no.3, Sept.2004 Ph.D. in systematic and philosophical theology from the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California. Assistant professor of theological studies at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles.
2003 Cherie Booth A Catholic Perspective on Human Rights, The Tablet, 21st June 2003, pp. 4-7. Crown Court Judge, wife of UK prime minister Tony Blair
2002 Richard R. Gaillardetz The Ordinary Magisterium: Unresolved Questions, Theological Studies 63 (2002) pp. 447-471. University of St. Thomas School of Theology
2002 Richard R. Gaillardetz ‘The Reception of Doctrine: New Perspectives’, in Authority in the Roman Catholic Church, Ashgate, 2002, pp. 95-114. University of St. Thomas School of Theology
2002 Mary Grey The Ordination of Women - Seeking a New Approach, AGM, Catholic Women's Ordination, May 2002 Theology/ Nijmegen University/ University of Southampton
2002 Ruth Hoppin The Book of the Hebrews Revisited: Implications of the Theology of Hebrews for Gender Equality Pacific Coast Region/Society of Biblical Literature meeting, St. Mary’s College, Moraga, CA Free-lance writer and independent researcher in New Testament studies
2002 Damien Casey ‘The Fractio Panis and the Eucharist as Eschatological banquet’, Mcauley Electronic Journal 2 (2002). Theology Department, Mcauley University Australia
2002 Klaus Lüdicke ‘Protection by Virtue of the Law?’, Orientierung 66 (2002) pp. 178 - 181, 15 Sept 2002 Professor in Church Law, Münster, Germany
2002 Roy P. Fisher Sexuality, Gender and Christian Identity in the Fourth and Early fifth Centuries, Dissertation, 2002 Independent researcher
2001 René van Eyden The Creation of Womanhood: A Hierarchical Construction, Olhares feministas sobre a Igreja Católica, cadernos no 9, Publicações CDD, São Paulo 2001. Professor emeritus University of Utrecht, the Netherlands
2001 Reimund Bieringer The Scriptural Argument in Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, Bijdragen 62 (2001) 129-142 New Testament Professor, Louvain, Belgium
2001 Marie Louise Uhr ‘Women’s Ordination: Barriers and Boundaries’, WomenChurch 28 (2001) pp. 11-16. Biochemist and Theologian. Founder of ‘Ordination of Catholic Women‘ in Australia.
2001 Aruna Gnanadason ‘We will pour our ointment on the feet of the church’, Women’s Ordination Conference, Dublin 2001. Theologian, World Council of Churches, Geneva
2001 John Collins ‘Contextualising Dorothea Reininger’s Women Deacons’, for Women’s Ordination. Catholic Internet Library. This is an excellent introduction to the complex issues surrounding the future diaconate of women. Scriptural theologian (Diakonia, Reinterpreting the ancient Sources (1990) and Are all Christians Ministers? (1992)
2000 Gary Macy ‘The Ordination of Women in the Early Middle Ages’, Theological Studies 61 (2000) pp 481 -507. Theologian, University of St. Diego
2000 John Wijngaards ‘Christian Autonomy and the Church’, Theological Conference, Newman College, Birmingham, 24 June 2000. Theologian, author
2000 Elizabeth Price ‘Seeing Sin where None Is’, Catholics for a Changing Church, New Blackfriars 2000. Polish Translation. Theologian, researcher
2000 Peter Morea Catholic Patriarchy from Towards a Liberal Catholicism.
Psychology and Four Women
SCM Press. 2000, pp.96-110.
Formerly a lecturer at Middlesex University
2000 Roy P. Fisher Sexuality, Gender and Christian Identity in the Fourth and Early Fifth Centuries, Uuiversity of Wales, Cardiff. M. Th. 30.9.2000.  
1999 Angela Berlis ‘The Ordination of Women: A Test Case for Conciliarity’, Concilium 1999, pp. 77-84. Theologian, Professor Nijmegen University
1999 Joseph Ratzinger ‘Infallibility Explored’, Céide May/June 1999, vol 2 no 5, pp. 28-29. Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation for Doctrine in Rome.
1999 Ladislas Orsy ‘Infallibility Explored’ - the Professor replies, Céide May/June 1999, vol 2 no 5, pp. 30-34. Professor of Law at Georgetown University, Washington.
1999 Report on the Participation of Women in the Catholic Church in Australia prepared by the Research Management Group. Woman and Man: One in Christ Jesus.
Harper Collins Religious, Australia 1999.
  1. Selected Excerpts
  2. Patriarchal and Hierarchical Nature of the Church Seen as the Fundamental Barrier to Women's Participation
  3. Dominant Common Characteristics of Perceptions Concerning the Participation of Women in the Church
  4. Two contrasting Perceptions of Women in the Catholic Church of Australia
A Research Project undertaken for the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference by the Bishops' Committee for Justice, Development and Peace, Australian Catholic University and the Australian Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutions.
1999 Tina Beattie ‘The Female Body and the Sacramental Priesthood in neo-orthodox Catholic Theology’ in God’s Mother, Eve’s Advocate, University of Bristol 1999, pp. 56 - 66. University of Bristol, UK
1999 Ida Raming ‘Male discourse about God in the liturgy and its effects on women’, Lumen Vitae, Revue Internationale de Catéchèse et de Pastorale 55 (1999) pp. 47 - 57.
French: ‘Le discours masculin sur Dieu dans la liturgie et ses effets sur les femmes’..
Doctor in theology, author of many books, including the classic On the exclusion of women from the ministry in the Church (1970).
1999 Hermann Josef Pottmeyer Refining the Question about Women's Ordination, from http://www.religion-online.org/theology/pottmeyer_refining.htm (1999) Theologian, Bochem University, Germany
1998 Suzanne Tunc ‘Meals of the Community’, from Des Femmes aussi Suivant Jésus, Paris 1998, pp 69-77. Author
1998 eds. Ann Bedeleem and Ilse van Halst ‘Who may dwell within your Tent?’, The Commission on Women and the Church of the Belgian Bishops' Conference, Louvain 1998, pp.55-67
1998 Umberto Eco ‘The exclusion of women from the priesthood according to Thomas Aquinas’, from Croire en Quoi?, Rivages Poche/Petite bibliothèque, 1998. Theologian and author.
1998 Tina Beattie ‘A Man and Three Women. Hans, Adrienne, Mary and Luce’, New Blackfriars, vol.79 (February 1998), no.924, pp. 97-105. University of Bristol, UK
1998 Marie-Thérèse Van Lunen Chenu “Human rights in the Church: a non-right for women in the Church?” in Human Rights. The Christian contribution, July 1998. Lawyer and Journalist.
1998 John Wijngaards ‘God and our new Selves’, paper presented at a consultation convoked by the Council of European Bishops Conferences, Vienna 1998. Religioni e Sette del Mondo 4 (1998) pp. 172 - 193. Missionary Institute, London, UK; affil. Louvain University, Belgium.
1998 Marie Louise Uhr ‘Obedience a Questionable Virtue’, St Mark's Review, 173, pp 3-9, 1998. Biochemist and Theologian. Canberra University, Australia
1998 Nelson H Minnich The voice of theologians in general councils from Pisa to Trent, Theological Studies 1998, vol. 59 no3 p. 420-41. Professor of Renaissance and Reformation history, Catholic University of America, Washington
1997 John H. Wright ‘Patristic Testimony on Women’s 0rdination in INTER INSIGNIORES’, Theological Studies 58 (1997) 516-526. Gregorian University, Rome; Berkeley University, USA
1997 Elizabeth A. Johnson ‘Basic Linguistic Options: God, Women, Equivalence’, from She Who Is. The Mystery of God in Feminist Theological Discourse, Crossroad, 1997, pp.42-57. Fordham University, USA
1997 Kim E. Power “Of godly men and medicine: ancient biology and the Christian Fathers on the nature of woman”. Keynote paper at the "Ordination of Catholic Women" Conference, Melbourne 1997; published in Women-church. La Trobe University, Bundoora, Australia
1997 Tina Beattie A discipleship of love : Mary of Bethany and the ministry of women by Tina Beattie, published in The Month, May 1997, pp171-175. University of Bristol, UK
1997 Dorothea McEwan “The Ordination Of Women - A Living Tradition”, Pogranicza Wrazliwosci w Literaturze i Kulturze Dawnej Oraz Wspolczesnie-Konfrontacje, Szczecin, 2-4 June 1997, Poland. Polish translation by Piotr Urbanski (seen best with Internet Explorer). Librarian and Research Scholar at Warburg Institute, London
1997 Annie Lally Milhaven The Inferior Mix. The Real Reasons Why the Catholic Church Does Not Ordain Women, Conscience, 18 (1997) no 3, pp.12-14. Writer, lecturer, and adjunct professor at the University of Rhode Island
1997 Ann Mary Clement ‘Women Disciples’,
Focus 17 (1997), pp. 255-260
Teaches Scripture
Pastoral Institute, Multan, Pakistan
1996 Carlos Bravo Jesus of Nazareth, Christ the Liberator Chapter 6 from Systematic Theology - Perspectives from Liberation Theology by Carlos Bravo and edited by Jon Sobrino, S.J. and Ignacio Ellacuria, S.J.
SCM Press Ltd 1996 pp. 106-123
1996 Jon Sobrino Systematic Christology: Jesus Christ, the Absolute Mediator of the Reign of God Chapter 7 from Systematic Theology - Perspectives from Liberation Theology
by Jon Sobrino and edited by Jon Sobrino, S.J. and Ignacio Ellacuria, S.J.
SCM Press Ltd 1996 pg 124-145
Father Jon Sobrino, is a prominent Roman Catholic teacher and proponent of liberation theology who teaches at the University of Central America in San Salvador
1996 Ignacio Ellacuría The Crucified People, Chapter 15 from Systematic Theology - Perspectives from Liberation Theology Jesuit philosopher and theologian who teaches at the University of Central America in San Salvador
1996 Klaus Nientiedt ‘How Binding? “Ordinatio sacerdotalis” unleashes debate on the Magisterium’, Herder Korrespondenz 9 (1996) pp. 461-466. Journalist and Theologian
1996 Constantinos Yokarinis ‘Patristic elements towards a theological anthropology of woman as a human being and as woman in her difference from man’,, lecture in Warsaw 1996. Orthodox Theologian, Greece
1996 Tina Beattie ‘Mary, the Virgin Priest?’, The Month 257 (December 1996) pp. 485 - 493. University of Bristol, UK
1996 Richard R. Gaillardetz ‘Infallibility and the Ordination of Women’, Louvain Studies 21 (1996), pp. 3-24. University of St. Thomas School of Theology
1996 Joseph Dunn ‘Secret Priests’ (about the Czech women priests), from No vipers in the Vatican, Columba Press pp. pp. 235-251. Journalist
1996 Joseph Dunn ‘A Council in the likeness of Pope John’, from No vipers in the Vatican, Columba Press pp. pp. 133-142. Journalist
1995 Hans Küng ‘Women's Ordination and Infallibility’, The Tablet 16 December 1995, pp. 1618-1620. Theologian, Tübingen University
1995 John E Thiel ‘Tradition and reasoning: a nonfoundationalist perspective’, Theological Studies 56 (Dec. '95), pp. 627-51. .
1995 Ida Raming ‘Ignored opportunities for women in canon law’, from Theology Digest 42:3 (Fall, 1995) pp. 235-238 Doctor in theology, author of many books.
1995 Kim E.Power “The Rehabilitation of Eve in the De institutione uirginis of Ambrose of Milan” , in Religion in the Ancient World: New Themes and Approaches, ed. M. Dillon, Amsterdam. Hakkert, pp. 367-382. La Trobe University, Bundoora, Australia
1995 Caroline Vander Stichele Is Silence Golden?
Paul and Women's Speech in Corinth
, in Louvain Studies, vol.20 (1995) pp.241-253.
Catholic University of Tilburg, The Netherlands
1994 Anne Jensen “Is the ordination of women an ecumenical problem?”, Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift 84 (1994) vol.4, pp. 210 - 228. University of Graz, Austria
1993 Anne Baring and Jules Cashford Eve: the Mother of All Living and ‘Eve in Christian Culture’ from from The Myth of the Goddess: Evolution of an Image (Penguin Books, 1991) pp. 486-546. Lecturers and authors
1993 Mary Ann Rossi “The Legitimation of the Abuse of Women in Christianity”, Feminist Theology 4 (1993) pp. 57 - 63. Governor’s Commission on the Status of Women, Wisconsin
1993 Anne Jensen ‘Prisca—Maximilla—Montanus: who was the founder of ‘Montanism’?’, Studia Patristica 26 (1993) pp. 147-150 University of Graz, Austria
1993 Anne Jensen “The Representation of Christ, Ecclesiastical Office, and Presiding at the Eucharist ”, Freiburger Zeitschrift für Philosophie und Theologie 40 (1993) pp. 282-297. University of Graz, Austria
1993 Nancy Tuana “The Less Noble Sex. Scientific, Religious, and Philosophical Conceptions of Woman's Nature ”, Preface only, Indiana University Press Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies, Pennsylvania State University and founding director of  Rock Ethics Institute
1993 Jeanne Pieper The Forbidden Subject: The Ordination of Women’ and ‘New Roles for Women in the Institutional Church’ from The Catholic Woman, Los Angeles 1993. Journalist, author and scriptwriter
1993 Joanna Schiessl Priesthood for Women’ Published in Stimmen der Zeit 118 (1993) no 2; translated by Mary Dittrich Unknown
1992 Kari Elisabeth Børresen The Ordination of Women: To Nurture Tradition by Continuing Inculturation, Studia Theologica 46 (1992) pp. 3-13. University of Oslo, Sweden
1992 Susan Rakoczy IHM Subjects or Objects? Women within Catholic Social Teaching, Studia Theologica 46 (1992) pp. 3-13. Religious Sister
1992 Ida Raming

“The twelve apostles were men - -” , Orientierung 56 (1992) pp. 143-146.

Doctor in theology, author of On the exclusion of women from the ministry in the Church (1970); etc.
1991 Gertrud Jaron Lewis ‘God and the Human Being in the Writings of Gertrud of Helfta’, Vox Benedictina 8/2 (Winter 1991), 297–322. Research scholar on medieval women mystics
1991 Megan Walker ‘Women in the Church’, Catholic Theological Society of South Africa, October 1991. Theologian, South Africa
1991 Giorgio Otranto "Notes on the Female Priesthood in Antiquity", Journal of Feminist Studies 7 (1991) no 1, pp. 73 - 94. University of Bari, Italy
1991 Giorgio Otranto ‘The Problem of the Ordination of Women in the Early Christian Priesthood’, paper of USA lecture tour, 1991. University of Bari, Italy
1990 Hervé Legrand Traditio perpetuo servata? The Non-ordination of Women: Tradition or Simply an Historical Fact? Worship 65 (November, 1991): 482-508.
Original published as Rituels: Melanges offerts au Pere Gy O.P. (Paris: Cerf 1990) 393-416.
Theologian, teaching at the Insitut Catholique in Paris.
In 1975 appointed by the Vatican, with Eric Doyle OFM to a working party on the Ordination of Women set up by ARCIC
1990 Uta Ranke-Heinemann ‘Female Blood: The Ancient Taboo and its Christian Consequences’, from Eunuchs for Heaven, André Deutsch, London 1990, pp. 12-17. Theologian
1990 Uta Ranke-Heinemann ‘Celibatarian Repression of Women’, from Eunuchs for Heaven, André Deutsch, London 1990, pp. 108-117. Theologian
1990 Susan Wood The Sacramentality of Episcopal Consecration, from Theological Studies, 51, no.3, 1990, pp. 479-481. Theologian,
Saint Mary College, Leavenworth, Kan.
1989 Rosemary Radford Ruether ‘Christology and Feminism:Can a Male Saviour Save Women?’, from To change the World, New York 1981, pp. 45-56. Theologian, author, professor at various universities
1989 Virginia Ramey Mollenkott ‘The Patriarchal Way of Relating ’, in Women, Men and the Bible, New York 1989. Theologian and author
1989 Virginia Ramey Mollenkott ‘Freedom from Stereotypes’, in Women, Men and the Bible, New York 1989. Theologian and author
1989 Mary Grey ‘Reclaiming women’s part in redeeming’ from Redeeming the Dream. Feminism, Redemption and Christian Tradition, London 1989, pp. 126 - 152. Nijmegen University, Southampton University, Sarum College
1989 Jacquelyn Grant Feminist Christology: The Problem Stated, from White Women's Christ and Black Women's Jesus, Feminist Christology and Womanist Response,
Chapter II, pp. 63-90. Scholars Press, Atlanta Georgia, 1989.
American Academy of Religion
1988 Denise Ackermann Feminist Liberation Theology, from Journal of Theology for Southern Africa, 1988, no. 62, pp.14-28 Department of Practical theology, University of South Africa
1987 Marie-Henry Keane O.P. ‘Woman seen as a ‘problem’ and as ‘solution’ in the theological anthropoloqy of the Early Fathers: Considering the Consequences’, Catholic Theological Society of South Africa, October 1987. Professor Systematic Theology, university of S. Africa, Pretoria
1987 John Hilary Martin ‘The Injustice of not Ordaining Women: A Problem for Medieval Theologians’, Theological Studies, 48, (1987) no.2, pp.303-316. Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, USA.
1987 Cora E. Cypser ‘The Perennial Problem of Sin’, in Taking off the Patriarchal Glasses, Kim Pathways, 1987, pp 97-116. Scripture scholar and writer
1987 Barbara Newman 'St. Hildegard on the Frail Sex', in 'Peace Weavers, Medieval Religious Women', vol 2 ed JA Nichols and Lillian Thomas Shank, Cistercian Publications 1987.

Fellow of the Guggenheim Foundation, the American Council of Learned Societies, and the Alice Berline Kaplan Center for the Humanities at Northwestern. Works on medieval religious culture and women's spirituality.

1986 Eric Doyle OFM The Question of Women Priests and the argument in Persona Christi, from The Catholic Citizen, Winter 1985-1986, No 40. Theologian and author
1986 Margaret Wade Labarge “The Mould for Medieval Women”, from Women in Medieval Life, Hamish Hamilton, 1986, chapter 2. Historian and author
1985 Mary Ann Rossi ‘The Passion of Perpetua, Everywoman of Late Antiquity’, from Pagan and Christian Anxiety , New York 1985, pp. 53-85. Latinist scholar and writer
1984 Dennis M. Ferrara ‘The Ordination of Women: Tradition and Meaning’, Theological Studies, vol.55, no.4, 1984, pp.706-719. Washington, D.C.
1984 Eric Doyle OFM The Ordination of Women in the Roman Catholic Church, in Feminine in the Church, Chapter Two. Theologian and author
1984 Elizabeth A. Johnson ‘The Incomprehensibility of God and the Image of God Male and Female’, Theological Studies, vol.45, no.3, 1984, pp.441-465. Catholic University of America
1984 Marie-Thérèse van Lunen Chénu and Louise Wentholt ‘The Status of Women in the Code of Canon Law and in the United Nations Convention’, Praxis juridique et religion 1 (1984) pp. 7-18. Both authors are jurists and journalists
1982 Anne Carr, B.V.M. Is a Christian Feminist Theology Possible? Theological Studies, Vol. 43, no.2 (1982) pp 279-297. University of Chicago
1981-1982 John Mahoney S.J. The Impact of Humanae Vitae, First published in ‘The Making of Moral Theology, A Study of the Roman Catholic Tradition’
The Martin D’Arcy Memorial Lectures 1981-2
published by the Clarendon Press. Oxford (1989)
1981 Ida Raming ‘Equal but other’ and the ordination of women, from Theology Digest vol. 29:1 (Spring 1981). Doctor in theology, author of many books.
1975 George Tavard Sexist Language in Theology?, Theological Studies, 36 (1975), 700-724. Theologian and author

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