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Relevant journalistic/theological texts

Relevant journalistic/theological texts

If you yourself have material that is relevant to our discussion and that you would be prepared to see published in our Women’s Ordination/Catholic Internet Library, please, let me know.

. Relevant journalistic/theological texts Academic position
Ida Raming Mary – Prophet and Priest. A forgotten, suppressed truth.Could she open the door to women’s ordination? 2015 Theology Doctorate,
Ida Raming The far too long story of discrimination against women because of their sex  2015 Theology Doctorate
Gary Macy The Meaning of Ordination and How Women were Gradually Excluded., Jan. 16th, 2013. Gary Macy is the John Nobili, SJ, Professor of Theology and chair of the Religious Studies Department of Santa Clara University, Calif.
NCR Staff Early Women Leaders: from Heads of House Churches to Presbyters: Jan. 8th, 2013. [This article was prepared with consultation with scholars knowledgeable about the topic but who asked that their names not be used.]
Emmy Silvius Is Our Institutional Church Unjust?by Emmy Silvius, first publ. 2011 on www.catholica.com.au Theology degree, University of Melbourne
Bishop John Gumbleton '... and Mary was welcomed', homily preached at the National Pax Christi Conference in Chicago, June 2010. Retired Roman Catholic auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Detroit.
Helena Moon Women Priests. Radical Change or More of the Same? , Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, 24.2 (2008), 115-134.  
Aaron Milavec Priesthood and Jesus' Jewish inspiration (some extracts from "Salvation Is from the Jews" (John 4:22): Saving Grace in Judaism and Messianic Hope in Christianity, Liturgical Press, July 2007.Emeritus Professor of Theology
Phyllis Zagano What about the Women?,
Sunday Forum, March 2007.

Senior research associate-in-residence at Hofstra University

CRI National Assembly Statement “Gender Empowered Church” , 2006 486 major superiors representing about 1,25,000 religious women and men of India
Tina Beattie Feminism, Vatican-style pubished in the Tablet, 7th August 2004 Senior lecturer in Christian Studies at Roehampton University
Dr Jane Anderson Tough Love OCW NewsVol 11, No1, April 2004. Theologian & Researcher
Dr Robert J Willis Equality of Women:The New Testament Retired Clinical Director, Pastoral Counseling Center of West Hartford, West Hartford, Connecticut,
Marcel Vincent Catholic Women Ordained Priests - Alternatives, les réseaux des PARVIS, no 18, Juin 2003, pp. 24-25 theologian, France
Peter Trummer Celebrating the Eucharist without a Priest?, Publik-Forum, nr. 15 (8 August 2003), pp. 52-53 Professor of Liturgy, University of Graz, Austria
Camilo Macisse Violence in the Church, The Tablet, 22 November, 2003. President of the Union of Superiors General for six years until 2000
Phyllis Zagano Women Deacons - the Fears of Rome, The Furrow, September 2003, Volume LIV, Number 9, pp. 478-480. lecturer Hofstra University, NY
Una Kroll Dreams can Come True!, Circles, October 2003. Theologian and Writer
Michael Keane The Call of Conscience. The dilemma of the Christian in a totalitarian church, Basic Newsletter, Spring 2003. Priest Dublin Archdiocese
John Wilkins The free media: a price worth paying, The Tablet, Nov.1st., 2003. Editor of The Tablet
Malagoli ‘The Pregnant Virgin’, Conscience, Spring (2003) p. 35. Malagoli is a Belgian artist
Eamonn McCarthy What about you, do you want to go away too? The oath of fidelity and its effect on the Church of our times...., BASIC Newsletter, Spring 2003. Co-founder of BASIC and a priest in the Dublin Diocese.
Owen O’Sullivan ‘Where are the Priest-Prophets?’, The Furrow 54 (2003) no1, pp. 37 - 42. Owen O’Sullivan is an Irish Capuchin priest based in Belfast.
Una Kroll Priesthood and Womanhood: Questions and Answers, Voices of this Calling, Canterbury Press 2003, pp. 33-35. priest in the Church of England
Emma Percy Acceptance and Joy, Voices of this Calling, Canterbury Press 2003, pp. 126-128. priest in the Church of England
Michael Hewitt-Gleeson What did Jesus Really Say About 'Women Priests?' Dr. of Theology, Office of Principal, School of Thinking, Melbourne, Australia
Soline Vatinel Shaping Change, Women, the Diaconate & Priestly Ordination in the Roman Catholic Church, Hobart Conference, Nov 2002. Founder of BASIC in Ireland.
Veronica Brady Gender and the ‘Sensus Fidelium’, from Proceedings of The Inaugural Conference Conference of Australia Reforming Catholics, 2002 Theologian
Joe Cecil Public Petition to the Bishops for Women Priests, May 7, 2002 USA; left the seminary on the occasion of Ordinatio Sacerdotalis
Del Cain Women and Christianity A perspective from an ordinary member of the laity. Retired librarian. Orlando, Florida.
José Manuel Vidal The secret examination of new Bishops, CRONICA, El Mundo, Sunday 3 November 2002 – Number 368. Spanish Journalist
Aruna Rodrigues A Wounded Body of Christ A perspective from an ordinary member of the laity. .
John Wijngaards and others ‘Press Debate in the Irish Times’, BASIC, 2001, pp. 24 - 32. theologian & webmaster of this site
John Wijngaards ‘Discerning the Spirit's New Creation’, Women's Ordination Worldwide, 1st International Conference, Dublin 2001, BASIC, 2002, pp. 30 - 52. theologian & webmaster of this site
Kari Elisabeth Børresen Religion Confronting Women’s Human Rights: The Case of Roman Catholicism Ch.24 in Facilitating Freedom of Religion or Belief, ed. Tore Lindholm e.a., Derk Book, the Hague, 2001. Senior Professor (emerita), Faculty of Theology, Oslo University
Bishop John Heaps 'A Love that Dares to Question Published by Canterbury Press, 2001.pp.35-38, 63-68, 98-103 Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney
Elizabeth Price Jesus had a Loving Attitude to Women. Letter to The Catholic Times, Dec.9th 2001. Vice-Chairman, Catholics for a Changing Church
John J. Egan ‘Use the Gifts God Gives. Last Testament of Monsignor John J. Egan’, National Catholic Reporter, June 1, 2001. Priest in the archdiocese of Chicago
Catharine A. Henningsen ‘Shedding Light on Church Teachings. The American Catholic Talks with Bishop Raymond A. Lucker’, The American Catholic, Feb. 2001. Reporter
Kari Elizabeth Børresen Religion Confronting Women’s Human Rights: The Case of Roman Catholicism, Ch.24 in Facilitating Freedom of Religion or Belief, ed. Tore Lindholm e.a., Derk Book, the Hague, 2001. theologian
Kwok Pui-lan Christology , Introducing Asian Feminist Theology, Pilgrim, 2000, ch.6, pp79-97. theologian
Veronica Brady 'The God of Small Things'
God, Women and the Question of Power

BASIC, 2000, pp. 20 - 27
Kelley A. Raab Christ as a Woman From When Women Become Priests, Ch.5, pp. 141-180. Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York
John Miller ‘And all was Revealed to Him’.
The Bulletin, Dec. 2000, pp.38-39
Janette Cranshaw ‘Pondering the Issue of Women’s Ordination in the Roman Catholic Church’, January 2000. theologian, writer
Jeannine Gramick, SSND ‘The Place of Silencing in the Teaching of the Church’, presentation delivered at Haverford College, Philadelphia, PA, Sept. 16, 2000 religious, theologian
Angela M. Cornyn ‘Once again, women are being cast out of the Catholic Church’, Sunday Independent 15th Oct. 2000. catechist, theologian and writer
Irish Catholic Church Bishops New Testament texts ‘harmful’ to women. DUBLIN, Aug 29, 2000. CWNews  
Marcella M Althaus-Reid ‘On not Looking like Christ ...’, Catholic Women's Ordination July/August 2000, no 18, pp 2-7. Faculty of Divinity New College, The University of Edinburgh
Roberta Meehan Biology for Theologians. A Scientific Look at Male-Only Ordination biologist, lecturer and author
John Wijngaards ‘Aquinas on Women’, National Catholic Reporter January 14, 2000, p. 20. Missionary Institute London, UK.
Eamonn McCarthy Soline Vatinel, the Archbishop and Me’, BASIC Newsletter, 19 January 2000, pp. 26 - 31. Priest of the Archdiocese of Dublin, Ireland.
John Wijngaards ‘Are Women Called to be Priests?’, The Tablet 8 April 2000, p. 474. Missionary Institute London, UK.
Janette Cranshaw ‘Pondering the Issue of Women’s Ordination in the Roman Catholic Church’, for www.womenpriests.org, January 2000. Researcher
Joan Chittister ‘A Pope the Laity Want’, National Catholic Reporter 1999. Theologian, writer
Joanna Manning ‘The Catholic Church in the Next Millennium’, from Is the Pope Catholic? A Woman confronts her Church,Malcolm Lester Books, Toronto, 1999 Author, Lecturer
Richard McBrien ‘Muzzling the Theologians’, the Tablet, 20 March 1999, p. 397. Professor, Notre Dame University, Chicago
John Collins ‘Letter to Catholic Women’, from Letters to Deacons, 1999. Author
Anne Baring ‘The Separation from Nature and the Loss of the Feminine Aspect of Spirit’ and The Myth of the Fall and the Doctrine of Original Sin, seminars from a workshop, 1999. Lecturer and author
John Wijngaards ‘The priesthood of Mary’, The Tablet, 4 December 1999, pp. 1638 - 1640. Missionary Institute London, UK.
John Wijngaards ‘When women were deacons’, The Tablet, 8 May 1999, pp. 623-624. Missionary Institute London, UK.
Kim E. Power ‘Re-imagining Mary at Christmas’, Re-imagining Newsletter (Minneapolis) 16 (1998) November. La Trobe University, Bundoora, Australia
Marjorie Reiley Maguire ‘Bible, liturgy concur: women were there’, National Catholic Reporter, June 5, 1998. a theologian and attorney in Milwaukee
Ida Raming ‘The diaconate - a ministry for women in the Church’, Orientierung 62 (1998) pp. 8-11. Theologian and writer
Reinhold Stecher ‘Deficiencies of the Church’s present Leadership’, The Tablet, May 1998. Retired bishop of Innsbruck in Austria
Alain Woodrow ‘Free speech in the Church’, The Tablet, 30th June 1998, pp. 841 - 843. Religious correspondent of Le Monde in Paris
Catharina Broomé OP ‘The Priestly Vocation of Thérèse of the Child Jesus’, Spirituality (1997), pp. 225-230 lecturer & writer
Stockholm, Sweden
Mary McAleese ‘It Won’t Wash With Women’, by Mary McAleese in The Tablet, March 15th., 1997. President of Ireland
Tina Beattie A discipleship of love : Mary of Bethany and the ministry of women by Tina Beattie, published in The Month, May 1997, pp171-175. Theologian and teacher
Francis Sullivan ‘Recent theological observations on magisterial documents and public dissent’, Theological Studies, vol. 58, September 1997, pp. 509-515. Gregorian University Rome, and Boston College, USA.
Peter Burns ‘Women’s Ordination and Infallible Teaching, An Inquiry. Was the Teaching Infallible?’, BASIC Newsletter, Supp. Feb. 1997, pp. 1-12. Theologian, Los Angeles, USA.
Marie-Thérèse Van Lunen Chenu ‘Marie-Thérèse is definitely not a ‘son’ of the Church!’, Jésus, ‘Les Cahiers du libre avenir, no 95’, Dec 1997, pp. 38-41. Lawyer and journalist.
Philip Kennedy Catholic Theologians and the Ordination of Women, The Allen Review No. 15 Trinity 1996 Lecturer in Theology, Blackfriars, Oxford
John Collins ‘Should Roman Catholic Women seek to be ordained Deacons?’, Ordination of Catholic Women Newsletter vol. 3, no. 1 (April 1996) pp. 5-11. Scriptural theologian (Diakonia, Reinterpreting the ancient Sources (1990) and Are all Christians Ministers? (1992)
Joan Chittister We can't suppress the Spirit’, National Catholic Reporter 1996. Benedictine Nun, Theologian, Writer
A. Koraszewski ‘Conceived in Sin’, Warsaw 1996. Author
Elizabeth A. Johnson ‘Disputed questions: authority, priesthood, women.’ Commonweal, vol..123, January 26 1996, pp. 8-10. Fordham University, USA
Gisbert Greshake ‘Declaring My Position.’ Response to the Declaration of the Congregation For Doctrine regarding the doctrine proposed in the apostolic letter “Ordinatio Sacerdotalis”, Pastoralblatt 48 (1996) 56-57. University of Freiburg, Germany
Ann O'Hara Graff ‘Infallibility complex: Have we heard the final word on women's ordination?’ U.S. Catholic, vol.61, April 1996, pp. 6-11. Seattle University, USA
Peter Hünermann ‘The discussion on Women Priests in the Catholic Church’ (Frauen Ordination. Stand der Diskussion in de Katholischen Kirche, ed. Walter Gross, Erich Wewel Publications, Munich 1996). University of Tübingen, Germany
René van Eyden ‘Womenpriests: Keeping Mum or Speaking Out?’, Acht Mei Beweging, 2 November 1996. Professor Emeritus, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Mary McAleese ‘Coping with a Christ who does not want women priests almost as much as He wants Ulster to remain British’, Women Sharing Fully, Dublin 1995, pp. 11-21. President of Ireland
Women-Church Convergence ‘Equal is as Equal does’, challenging Vatican Views on Women, 1995. Coalition of women’s groups in the USA
Sara Butler Quaestio disputata: "in persona Christi": a response to Dennis M. FerraraTheological Studies ( Theol Stud ) v. 56 (Mar. '95) p. 61-91  
Melanie McDonagh ‘Count me out!’, The Tablet, 26 August 1995, pp. 841 - 843. Journalist on the Evening Standard in London.
Francis Sullivan ‘Guideposts from Catholic tradition. Infallibility doctrine invoked in statement against ordination by Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’,America, vol. 173 , December 9 1995, pp. 5-6. Gregorian University Rome, and Boston College, USA.
Nicholas Lash “On Not Inventing Doctrine” The Tablet, 2 December 1995, p. 1544. Cambridge University, UK
Indian Religious Letter to Pope John Paul II, Response to the apostolic letter of Pope John Paul II
on Reserving Priestly Ordination to Men alone, 31 October 1994.
Fourteen Sisters, theologians and academics
John H. Wright ‘That all doubt may be removed’, America 171 (July 30-Aug. 6, 1994) pp. 16-19. Gregorian University, Rome; Berkeley University, USA
Ida Raming ‘A definitive “No” to the ordination of women?’, Orientierung 58 (1994) pp. 190-193. Theologian and writer
Peter Hünermann ‘A theologian’s dilemma on women priests’, The Tablet, 3rd September 1994, pp. 1113-1115. University of Tübingen, Germany
Josefa Theresia Münch ‘Letter to Pope John Paul II’, sent on the 29th of May 1994. Theologian and writer
Moya St Leger Women and Ordination -- Time for Dialogue?, Priests & People 6 (1992) August-September pp. 327-329. Journalist
Joanna Manning But God is a Man.., April 1992.
Anglican priest, former RC nun.
Josefa Theresia Münch “My Letters to the Pope”, The Catholic Citizen, Journal of St. Joan’s International Alliance, vol 72 (1991) no 1, pp. 18-29. Theologian and writer
Irene McCormack Do This in Memory of Me, from Compass Theology Review 25 (1991) no 4, pp. 33-35. Theologian and missionary
Elisabeth Gössmann The Construction of Women's Difference in the Christian Tradition. Concilium 1991, No6, pp.51-60. Theologian
Susan Wood The Sacramentality of Episcopal Consecration, Susan Wood S.C.L., Saint Mary College, Leavenworth, Kan.
Theological Studies, 51, no.3, 1990, pp. 479-481.
Moya St Leger Women Deacons: Goodwill Gestures, The Catholic Herald, August 19, 1990, page 5. Journalist
Bernhard Häring ‘A Letter to the Pope’ , The Tablet, 30th June 1990, pp. 841 - 843. Professor of Moral Theology, Alfonsianum, Rome
Lavinia Byrne ‘On being Women in the Church’ from Women before God SPCK 1988, pp. 97-108 Broadcaster and author
Ben Witherington III Women and the Third Evangelist from Women in the Earliest Churches, Cambridge University Press, 1988, pp. 128-157. Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series 59.
Ben Witherington III Trajectories beyond the New Testament Era from Women in the Earliest Churches,Cambridge University Press, 1988, pp. 183-210. Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series 59.
Rita Nakashima Brock The Feminist Redemption of Christfrom Journeys by Heart, A Christology of Erotic PowerCrossroad, New York, 1988, pp. 50-70 Director of Faith Voices for the Common Good and feminist theologian
Joan Chittister From Winds of Change: Women Challenge Church , Sheed & Ward 1986. Theologian and author. Joan was at the time Prioress of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, PA, and president of the Conference of American Benedictine Prioresses.
Joseph S. O'Leary ‘Integrity’, The Furrow, August 1985. Professor, Sophia University, Tokyo
Elaine Storkey Lecturer, writer and broadcaster
Joan Chittister, O.S.B. Chapters in the book Women, Ministry and the Church , Paulist Press,1983. Theologian and author; see above.
Bishop Frank Murphy Address to a Meeting of the National Association of Church Personnel Administrators, October, 1982 , The Baltimore Catholic Worker, Viva House. Reprinted in B.A.S.I.C.No. 21 October 2000. Auxilary Bishop of Baltimore
John Mahoney. The Impact of Humanae Vitae from The Making of Moral Theology. A study of the Roman Catholic Tradition. The Martin D'Arcy memorial Lecture 1981-2 Theologian and Teacher
C.S. Lewis Priestesses in the Church from his book Undeceptions, Bles 1971, pp.192-197 Teacher and author

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