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Women Deacons / Deaconesses

we know by name

During the first millennium tens of thousands of women served as ordained deacons
especially in the Greek-speaking part of the Catholic Church.

In Armenia & Syria we know of 14 women deacons by name In Asia Minor we know 51 women deacons by name In Palestine & Egypt we know 14 women deacons by name In Greece we know 20 women deacons by name in Gaul & Italy we know 7 women deacons by name

Maps of main regions with detailed information about the women deacons:

  1. Greece
  2. Asia Minor
  3. Gaul & Italy
  4. Armenia and Syria
  5. Palestine and Egypt

Alphabetical list of known women deacons

with links to each of them

Aeria Domna Matrona (of Cosila) St.Poplia
Agaliasis Eirene Matrona (of Stobi) St Radegunde
Agathe Eistrategis Mesalina St Syncletica
Agathokleia Elisanthia Nikagora St Tatiana
Agrippiane Elaphia Nonna (of Galatia) St. Tryphena
Alexandra Elladis Nonna (of Palestine) St Xenia
Alexandria(of Elis) Eneon Nune Seven martyrs
Amproukla Epiphaneia Palladia Severa (of Jerusalem)
Anastasia (Palestine) Eufimia Paula Severa (of Phrygia)
Anastasia (?Syria) Eugenia (?Syria) Pentadia Sigolena
Andromacha Eugenia (Greece) Philogonis Sophia
Anna Eusebia (of Constantinople) Phoebe Susanna
Anonymous (from Capua) Eusebia (of Mylasa) Posidonia Tetradia
Arete Goulasis Pribis Theodora (of Ticini)
Athanasia (Asia Minor) Helladis Publia Theodora of Korykos
Athanasia (Greece) Hilaria Romana Theodosia
Aurelia Faustinia Ida Sabinia Theodula
Ausonia Jannia (?Syria) St Apollonia Theophila
Axia Kelsa St Domnika Theophilia
Basilike Kyrie St Elizabeth (of Najran) Theoprepia
Basilina Lampadia St Genevieve Theosebia
Basilis Lampadion (of Annesi) St Gorgonia Timothea
Basilissa Magna St Irene Two women deacons
Casiana Manaris (of Gaza) St Justina Unnamed (of Thrace)
Celerina (Constantinople) Maria (of Archalais) St Lydia Unnamed deacon
Celerina (Novae) Maria (of Moab) St Macrina Unnamed deaconess
Charitina Marthana St Melania Valeriana (?Syria)
Daughters of Count Terentius Martyria St Nonna Zaortha
Dionysia Masa St Olympias Zoe
Dipka Matrona (of Axyfos) St Platonida  


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