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The tradition of Mary as Priest

Mary as priest, Amiens, FranceThroughout the centuries the faithful have felt a devotion to Mary as priest.

They intuitively saw, with their ‘Catholic sense’, that Mary shared in Jesus’ priesthood more than anyone else.

Implicitly their devotion contained the strong but usually unspoken conviction that Mary, though a woman, could easily have been ordained a priest, as much as any man.

This conviction about Mary’s priestly status has consequences for the ordination of women.

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General Introduction
The devotion to Mary Priest is a latent tradition that implies that women can be ordained.

‘The priesthood of Mary’.
Article in the Tablet (Dec. 1999) that outlines what is at stake

Historical Survey
Chronological list of more than 90 theologians and writers whose texts are found on this web site.

Gallery of Images
Illustrations of traditional art in which Mary is presented as a priest.

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