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Summary of the two positions

RomeRome’s Arguments

Throughout, I use the term Rome to indicate both the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Holy Father.

Freedom of InquiryCounter Arguments

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Scripture Scripture
* Jesus Christ set a permanent norm by omitting women from the apostolic team.
* Paul excluded women from teaching and presiding in the Christian assembly.
* Because of the need of the moment Christ did not choose a woman. But he made women, in principle, equal partners in his priesthood.
* Paul’s prohibitions concern only local communities. He taught the equality of women in Christ.
Tradition Tradition
Faithful to an unbroken tradition, the Church has never felt that priestly ordination can be conferred upon women.
Women were not ordained because of wide-spread social and religious prejudices against women.

Theology Theology
Only male priests can adequately represent Christ who was a man.

Christ is not adequately represented in his priesthood by male priests alone.
Authority Authority
The Church cannot extend the priesthood to women.

The Church has the power to ordain women.

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