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Non Fiction/academic studies

* THE GOSPEL OF JOHN AND HlS LETTERS, Michael Glazier, Wilmington, Delaware 1986; Indian edition: St.Paul Publications 1990, 304 pgs.

* THE SPIRIT IN JOHN, Michael Glazier, Wilmington, Delaware 1987, 99 pgs.

* COMMUNICATING THE WORD OF GOD, McCrimmons, Great Wakering 1978, 256 pgs.

Indian edition, TPI, Bangalore 1979; French edition, Lethielleux, Paris 1982; Chinese edition, SBP, Hongkong 1985; Spanish edition, EVD, Estella 1988.

* DEUTERONOMIUM UIT DE GRONDTEKST VERTAALD EN UITGELEGD (a 360-page commentary on Deuteronomy in Dutch) Romen & Zonen, Roermond 1971.

* THE DRAMATIZATION OF SALVIFIC HISTORY IN THE DEUTERONOMIC SCHOOLS, Oudtestamentische Studien, vol.xvi, Brill, Leiden 1969, 132 pgs.

* VAZAL VAN JAHWEH, Boeken bij de Bijbel, Bosch & Keunig, Baarn 1965, 160 pgs.


Non Fiction / spirituality for a wider audience

* HOW TO MAKE SENSE OF GOD, Sheed & Ward (USA) and Housetop (UK) 1995.

Won a Catholic Press Association of America award in 1996. Indian edition in 1998. Has been translated into Dutch (1999). Five other language editions are in preparation.

* Three biblical study books for parishes and schools:

  1. MY GALILEE, MY PEOPLE, Housetop 1990, 208 pgs.;
  2. TOGETHER IN MY NAME, Housetop 1991, 208 pgs.;
  3. I HAVE NO FAVOURITES, Housetop 1992, 208 pgs.

Local language editions of these books have been published in Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, French Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, India, Korea, the Philippines, Colombia, the USA (Paulist Press).

* GOD WITHIN US, Collins Fount Original, London 1988, 176 pgs; USA edition: Templegate, Illinois 1990.

* INHERITING THE MASTER’S CLOAK, Creative Biblical Spirituality, Ave Maria Press, Notre Dame, Indiana 1985, 191 pgs.

Indian Edition, ATC, Bangalore 1986; Chinese edition, Taipei 1987; Philippino edition, Divine Word Publications, Manila 1987. Won a Catholic Press Association Award for “Best Adult Spiritual Reading” (1986).

* COME AND SEE, “Scripture, the witness of saints and mystics, and a life of prayer show the way”, Ave Maria Press, Notre Dame Indiana 1981 (2 printings totalling 26,000 copies), 176 pgs.

Indian edition, TPI, Bangalore 1981 (3 prints, 15,000 copies); Chinese edition, Hong Kong 1984; Philippino edition, Divine Word Publications, Manila 1987; Dutch edition, Unistad, Antwerp 1991.

* READING GOD’S WORD TO OTHERS, ATC, Bangalore 1973, 104 pgs; McCrimmons, Great Wakering 1981; Dutch edition, KBS, Boxtel 1974.

* DID CHRIST RULE OUT WOMEN PRIESTS?, McCrimmons, Great Wakering 1977 (2nd edition in 1986), 104 pgs; Indian edition, ATC, Bangalore 1978; Dutch edition, KBS, Brugge 1979.

* GOD’S WORD TO ISRAEL, A Treatise on the Historicity of the Old Testament, Theological Publications India, Ranchi 1971 (3 editions).

* BACKGROUND TO THE GOSPELS, St. Paul’s Publications, New Delhi 1970; enlarged edition by TPI, Bangalore 1978, 344 pgs. (in India 8 printings totalling 30,000 copies).

UK edition, McCrimmons, Great Wakering 1979 (3 printings); Indian local language editions in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannnada and Hindi; USA edition, Servant Publications, Ann Arbor 1980; Pakistan edition (Urdu), Rawlpindi 1992.


* Film Script for JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF LOVE, a 2 1/2 hour TV film about two young people who are seeking God in a secular world.

The Film has won three international awards: the Grand Prix at the Catholic Film Festival in Warsaw (1995), a Bronze Award at the Film Fest Houston (May 1997) and the prestigious Chris Award at the Columbus Film Festival (October 1997).

* FOR THE SAKE OF HIS PEOPLE (novel), McCrimmons, Great Wakering 1990, 219 pgs.

* Scripts for nine 30-minute short stories for the educational WALKING ON WATER Video Series (1990-1992).

The original stories were filmed in the UK, Colombia, Indonesia, Brazil, and Kenya. Twelve language editions have since been produced in various countries: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, English, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.

One of the stories, RESPECTING GOD’S IMAGE, won a Certificate of Merit at the International OCIC Video Festival in Driebergen (1993).

* Script for JESUS CHRIST, A Pictorial Life of Christ in the Amar Chitra Katha Illustrated Biographies series, India Book House, Bombay 1980, 96 pgs.

Credits for the music?

The English has seen many reprints. Other Indian language editions in Gujarati, Hindi, Kannara, Konkani, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Telugu and Tamil. Lugandan edition, Jinja Uganda 1983.

* THE BLACK FISH MYSTERY, short story, under the pseudonym of Neville Wilder, P. Noordhoff N.V.-Groningen 1955, 36 pp.

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