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Highschools and Colleges

From the letters we receive and from our statistics we can see that the staff and students of many educational institutions use our website as a resource.

We believe that we provide an important service to them. After all, it will be the younger generations who will have to carry the Church’s reforms to their final implementation.

Feedback from teachers and lecturers

* “I was looking for a neat presentation of the rules of scriptural interpretation for my undergraduates & was delighted to find the guidelines on your website. I printed and photocopied them for my students. Thank you.”

* “I often refer my students to your website. You have so much interesting historical material and well as up-to-date academic books and articles.”

Feedback from pastoral directors

* “I am breathless! What a fantastic website! I’ve been looking for something like this for quite some time and thank God I’ve finally found it. I am working as Director of Adult Ministries in one of 88 parishes in my diocese. I think people need to be prepared educationally on this topic and consequently I would like to offer programs relating to the ordination of women.”

* “Thank you, thank you, thank you. Briefly: I have a master’s in liturgical studies and I am a choir director at my parish. I give workshops for lectors and cantors. I believe to the core of my being that we should make it possible for women who do have this call to answer it. I don’t know how much longer I will be able to be a Catholic with a straight face, but stumbling across your site (if that can be said to be an “accident”) has at least given me some hope. I’ll be reading every word on your site (as time permits) thank you. I’ve been looking for something like this for some time now and am ecstatic to have found it.”

Feedback from students

* “I recently obtained my doctorate in theology, but, because I have written on the ordination of women, I cannot get a post at any Catholic University here in Germany.”

* “I am a doctoral student who wishes to use several of your web pages as references in the bibliography of my candidacy paper.  Can you provide me with a way/procedure to find the publication year of your text on the medieval theologian John Middleton? There are other web pages in your website that I would like to quote from. What form should my acknowledgement take?”

* “I have been accepted by the university to begin PhD studies from this October and  I have been allocated a tutor. The documents you have published on your website, with all their history and background information, inspired the theme for my thesis. I am really excited and fired up with the whole project. Thanks. ”

* “I am a student of the University of ***** in Australia.  I currently have an essay assignment in my Environmental Ethics and Values class with a topic of ‘Historically men have viewed women and nature in similar ways.  Critically discuss this proposition.’  And I would like to quote your website for  I am interested in some of your documents.  Can you tell me whom to credit so that I can quote in the form required by my lecturer?”

* “I studied for my MTh in New Testament Studies. I now feel that I am being called to serve God more fully in ministry, the diaconate and the priesthood, if that is ever going to become possibile in my life time.”