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Sister Churches

Sister Churches

We rejoice in the fact that other Christian Churches, after prayer and reflection, have decided to ordain women. For us it is confirmation that the Holy Spirit is guiding the Christian community in the right direction.

On our website, we present a lot of information on the process by which Sister Churches have come to the recognition that women should fully share in all the ministries. We have published classic ecumenical documentation belonging to this process of Christian discernment.

We hope that supporters of the ordination of women in Sister Churches will help us achieve the same reform in the Catholic Church. At the same time we know from the feedback we receive that even in Churches that now ordain women, there are still people who find it difficult to accept this development. The arguments on our website help them at times come to terms with women in the ministries.

The Church of England

Christina Rees

“Those of us in the Church of England who long to see women at all levels in the ordained ministries, welcome and applaud the work of the women priests’ campaign in the Roman Catholic Church (
We share a common vision of the equality of all people as a fundamental expression of the Gospel and believe God calls people regardless of gender.
Let us support Women Priests with our prayers and with our active involvement and collaboration.”
Christina Rees, Chair of National WATCH (Women and the Church) and one of our Patrons.

The Methodist Church

Pauline Webb

“Fifty years ago, we had to campaign, against opposition in the Methodist Conference, for the ordination of women in the Methodist Church. One charge made against us was that this would be an anti-ecumenical move. We always believed that the ministry of women is a gift of the Holy Spirit to the whole Church. We rejoiced with our Anglican sisters when they too were eventually accepted into holy orders. Let us now support our Roman Catholic sisters and brothers in their campaign for a fully inclusive priesthood.”
Pauline Webb, President Ecumenical Network for Women in Ministry and one of our Patrons.

From our mailbag

“When my Church, the Church of England, began to ordain women, I offered myself for training. But I could not shake off deep-seated doubts about it truly being God’s will for me as a woman. Coming across your website was an act of grace. I saw the evidence in a fresh light. Last year I was ordained for my diocese. Thank you.”