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Our international network

Our international network

We have around 45 voluntary helpers from many countries
who help us from home in many ways. We call our network the St. Catherine of Siena net.

Help our many volunteers by supporting the whole net!

Our St Catherine of Siena Institute is a network of thousands of people spread around the world.
It is a network of volunteers.

Yes, we are volunteers. Only one person receives a (small) salary: our full-time office administrator. Our collaborators contribute, each in their own way, by giving us their time, skill and expertise without expecting payment in return – because they believe in our cause. Among them we find professors, researchers, translators, leaders in commerce and industry, religious, clergy, teachers, and so on. It is not possible to make an accurate financial estimate of their contribution. It would be a considerable amount.

But all these contributions would not serve their purpose without the services of our central office. That is where all strands meet. That is where our research projects are coordinated, where documents are processed for insertion into the various language sections on our website. Communication in all our languages and personal responses are directed from that centre. Our core team is the hub around which the whole operation turns. It is a necessary tool.

  • Like a health clinic serving a large community
  • Like a university library supplying material to professors and students
  • Like a spinal cord supporting a body with many limbs
  • Like a media centre that receives and broadcasts communication  

That’s what this project is all about. The building we are buying can house our office (thus reducing our costs) and generate income for the day-to-day expenses of the central hub where everything comes together.

By helping us maintain our central office on a secure footing you support the voluntary work of our whole international network.