Book of Honour/ overview

In our Book of Honour we display memorial pages of persons who were dear to us and who have, in one form or other, helped to prepare the way for the admission of women to Holy Orders in the Church.

Joan Morris
  Dietze L. C. M. van Hoesel
The Netherlands
Maria H C Vendrick
The Netherlands
Irene McCormack
Mary Simpson
  Fr Eric Doyle OFM

Sponsoring a memorial page

If you know someone who has died and who has been a champion for women in the Church, you might consider sponsoring a memorial page for that person.

Sponsoring a memorial page involves a donation of £ 1000 ($ 1500). We guarantee that the page will be displayed for at least ten years after receiving the donation.

We hope that in this way two purposes are achieved at the same time. The donation helps us maintain our campaign for women priests. The memorial page preserves remembrance of a person dear to you.

If you are interested in honouring in this way someone you love, we will need from you:

  • a photograph of the person to be entered into the Book of Honour,
  • a copy of the memorial text you would like to see published and
  • your donation.

For more information, please send us an email .