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Support for womenpriests.org

Join our campaign!

Sister Anne Miller, who chairs our board of Trustees

Please, help us make women priests a reality in the Catholic Church!

Our website presenting more than 4000 documents is being built up through the help of volunteers. But we have to maintain an office with up-to-date facilities to do our work effectively.

For our campaign to succeed, we have to move mountains of prejudice. The authorities in Rome are so opposed to the idea that they are trying to close any discussion on the ordination of women. Bishops are told they may not support anyone who favours women priests. Theologians are required to swear allegiance to all papal teaching, which now includes the ban on women priests. Unless we shout from the rooftops, nothing is going to change! Our website needs to be professional, visible, outspoken, easily accessible to all. All that costs money.

Become a Friend

By becoming a Friend you swell our ranks. We can keep you informed. We also ask our Friends to give us a donation of at least £ 5 ($ 8 or € 8) a month or £ 60 as the total for a year (= $ 96, € 96 ). You may not personally, for lack of time or circumstance, be able to research, translate, scan, proofread, put htm-links and work in our office. Your donation makes it possible for others to do the work. PLEASE, join! If you are a U.S resident you can give donations that are tax deductible.

Give us a donation

Whatever you can afford is welcome! Every amount helps, large and small! You can pay in dollars, pounds or euros. You can pay online, make a bank transfer or send us a cheque. If you are a U.S resident you can give donations that are tax deductible.

Leave us a Legacy!

Your vision for the Church, your ideals and struggle will continue after your death if you leave us a bequest in your Will! Ask for our info pack!

Donate a memorial page !

We can help you honour a loved person by publishing a memorial page about him or her.