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Are you an ecumenical ally?

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You will have realised that our web site campaigns for the ordination of women in the Catholic Church. Do you belong to another Church?

Are women being ordained in your Church, or not yet? Would you willing to give us information on the status of the ordination of women in your Church?

We are at present collecting as much information as possible about the situation in other Christian Churches. We are delighted that in some Churches women are already ordained priests and we would be happy with experiences that could be useful to our visitors. We are also very interested to hear about attempts in those Christian churches, which, like the Catholic Church, are still searching for the way forward with regard to the ordination of women.

We know that Christians from other Churches are also using our web site. We would like to know what you found most helpful in our web site, or in what way we could be of better service.

You can communicate your suggestions in either of two ways. Click on the envelope and tell us about it in an email.Drop me a line!

Or, write your suggestions in this form:

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