Please, give us your suggestions! Or ask questions!

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Please, give us your suggestions! Or ask questions!

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Do you have ideas on how we can improve our womenpriests’ website? We welcome any suggestions you would like to make.

Over the past year we have had more than a thousand personal letters from individuals who have studied our website and many have given us valuable suggestions. We welcome any thoughts or ideas you might have. Obviously, not everything can be implemented, or can be implemented at once, but we do listen and value your contribution to our work in this way.

Have you published articles or written research documents that could be of use to us?

We depend a lot on contributions by people in various specialized areas of academic research. If you happen to have published on any issue relating to the ordination of women, either in a narrow sense or on any theme that is closely related to it, we are extremely grateful for your permission to republish it on our website. We will do our utmost to obtain the permission also of the publisher of the book or magazine in which your contribution appeared.

Are you aware of valuable articles or books that we should make use of in our archives?

We aim at making our womenpriests’ website the most complete internet library of useful and relevant material regarding the discussion on women priests. You may have come across relevant publications that you feel we should give prominence to on our website. Please, indicate such information to us. What has been helpful to you may also prove of particular use to other persons.

We would also like to know what you found most helpful in our web site, or in what way we could be of better service.

Any questions you may have are also very welcome.

You can communicate your suggestions or questions in either of two ways. Click on the envelope and tell me about it in an email.Drop me a line!

Or, write your suggestions in this form:

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