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The ordination of women is a very complex issue that already causes much upset and heartache. This is bound to continue, especially when awareness grows among the members of the Church.

We invite you to join us in prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to inspire and guide the leaders of the Church and the whole Church community.

We see from the experience of other Christian Churches that the search for reform in the Church’s practice can lead to deep rifts and divisions. This may be unavoidable in the pursuit of truth and love. All the same it does harm to the verall welfare of the Catholic community.

It is obvious that we need to pray. Jesus promised the guidance of the Holy Spirit to all the Church including our Church leaders (John 16,13), for all members of the Church share in the Church’s infallibility (Vatican II, Lumen Gentium § 12). But all of us, and most of all those carrying responsibilities in the Church, need prayer so that we may be open to what the Spirit is saying (1 Thess 5,19-22).

Please, note that in prayer we should always leave our petitions open-ended. We may never dictate to God what he should give us. Our request should simply be that we be open to the Spirit’s guidance so that the whole issue of the reform of the Church including the ordination of women be brought to a satisfactory conclusion. You are therefore very welcome to join our prayer campaign even though you yourself may feel the question is still open and you are not clear which way the Church will move in the future.

We are preparing some suitable prayer texts, to suggest to visitors to our web site who might want to use them. We welcome suggestions from your side.

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