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Do you want to join our support group for women with a vocation?

Are you a Catholic woman and do you feel that you yourself have a vocation to the priesthood?

We are in touch with a large number of women in many countries who personally feel called to the ministerial priesthood. If this applies to you, please, feel free to contact us.

You may consider sending us your testimony or life story for publication on the website so that it can inspire other people too -- but only if this is possible and advisable in your circumstances. For suggestions as to how to go about this click here.Whatever you will decide to do, we will respect the confidential information you entrust to us. No one on our team will make use of this information in any way without your explicit approval.

In any case, just stay in touch -- to give and receive support from women who are in the same situation as you are yourself.

If you would like to contact us click on the envelope and send us an email.Drop me a line!

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