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Donations through bank transfer

Donations through bank transfer

We will acknowledge receipt!

You can transfer your gift by bank transfer to:

account no 40471585,
Barclays Bank PLC,
Edgware Road W2,London UK;
IBAN: GB08BARC 206563 40471585


with mention of: ‘donation for womenpriests campaign’.


Bank transfers between countries within the European Community (of which Great Britain is also a member), do not cost more than the charge for a local transfer within the country. It has been so since 1 July 2003.

The conditions are:
------ a. the transaction must be in Euros
------ b. the maximum is Euro 12,500
------ c. you must mention our IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and BIC (Bank Identifyer Code) as given above.
------ d. the transfer must be done at shared costs (shared between sender and receiver).

From our Mailbag

Croatian flag!"From when I was seven years old I have had the ardent desire to be a priest and this dream has been with me ever since. Now I'm married, have a doctorate and am fulfilling an important patoral role in my diocese here.
It is the election of the new Pope that has convinced me that I too should now speak out strongly against the old prejudices. Otherwise the Church will never change. Thanks for your website!" Elisabeth, Croatia