Books by John Wijngaards On-line

No Women in Holy Orders? The Ancient Women Deacons Canterbury Press, London 2002
The Ordination of Women in the Catholic Church. Unmasking a Cuckoo's Egg Tradition The full book on line
How to Make Sense of God Sheed & Ward (USA), Housetop (UK), 1995
I Have No Favourites Housetop, 1992
My Galilee, My People Housetop 1990
God Within Us Collins,1988
The Spirit in John Michael Glazier, Wilmington, Delaware, 1987.
The Seven Circles of Prayer McCrimmon, 1987
The Gospel of John and his Letters Michael Glazier, Wilmington, Delaware, 1986.
Did Christ Rule Out Women Priests McCrimmon, 1986.
Background to the Gospels TPI Bangalore 1986
Inherit the Master’s Cloak Ave Maria Press, 1985.
How to be a Peacemaker Catholic Truth Society, London, 1985.
Experiencing Jesus

Published: in India by Theological Publications, (1980)
In USA as Come and See, Ave Maria Press, Notre Dame, Indiana, 1981
Christ’s Idea of Authority Amruthavani, Hyderabad, 1975.
What we can Learn from Secular efficiency
(Thoughts for those engaged in the apostolate.)
St.Paul Publications, New Delhi, 1968.

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