Archiva Latina

Archiva Latina / Latin Archive

Hic invenies documenta recentiora et textus latinos antiquos qui theologiam ordinationis feminarum respiciunt.

We have published some rare Latin texts related to the research our website is promoting.

Documenta theologica recentiora

Textus antiqui completi scripti lingua Latina

Excerpta latina theologorum medievalium
(excerpts in Latin from medieval theologians)

Datum Nomen/auctor descriptio
+ 1248? Richard Fishacre
english & textus latinus
1250-? William of Rothwell
english & textus latinus
1217-1293 Henry of Ghent
english & textus latinus
1290-? William of Rubio
english & textus latinus
saeculum 13/13th century Richard of Middleton
textus latinus text
1266 - 1308 John Duns Scotus
textus latinus text
1320 Antonio Andreas
english & textus latinus
1285-1328 Francis of Meyronnis
english & textus latinus
1270 - 1334 Durandus a Saint-Pourçain
textus latinus text
1340 John of Bassolis
english & textus latinus
1277-1342 Peter de la Palude
english & textus latinus
c. 1275-1357 Thomas of Strasbourg
english & textus latinus
c. 1370-1430 Thomas Netter of Walden
english & textus latinus
1402-1471 Denis the Carthusian
english & textus latinus

Women Deacons and Widows


Local Synods

Synod of Nimes
Synod of Orange
Council of Vannes
Synod of Epaon
Synod of Tours
Synod of Macon
Synod of Reims
Synod of Rome

Church Documents

Ordo Romanus IX
Letter of Pope Bendict viii
A decree by Pope Johannes XIX
Decree of Pope Leo IX
Letter of the Bishops Licinius, Melanius, and Eustochius

Liturgical Texts from Sacramentaries

Cambrai Sacramentary
Vatican Mss Ottobonianus Lat. 313
Vatican Reginae Lat. 337; also known as Codex Reginensis
Vienna mss pal. 1817
Leofric Missal of Exeter
Sacramentary’ of Egbert of York

Liturgical texts from Pontificals

Pontifical of St. Alban Benedictine Abbey, Mainz
'Ordo Romanus' of Hittorp
Pontifical of the Abbey of Monte Cassino
Ancient Roman Pontifical
Pontifical of Salzburg
Pontifical of Gondekar
Pontifical of Bamberg Cathedral
Pontifical used at Lucca
Pontifical of Pistoia
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