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Let her Keep it!. Jesus' ordination of Mary of Bethany, A New Approach to John's Gospel through its Use of Mosaic Oracles. By Thomas W. Butler

Let her Keep it!

Jesus' ordination of Mary of Bethany, A New Approach to John's Gospel through its Use of Mosaic Oracles.

by Thomas W. Butler, Doctor of Ministry.  Quantum Leap Publisher 1998, Tracy, California.

Mary anointing Jesus' feet

About this unusual book we present:

Table of Contents

Preface: Why And How This Book Was Written

That You May Know the Truth xiv
Two Story Lines xv
The Pentateuch: An Ancient Cipher xvi
Mary's Anointing -- "Let Her Keep It" xvii
The Beloved Disciple xviii
Thesis: Mary of Bethany Is the Beloved Disciple xx
Biblical Evidence for Ordaining Women xx
Field of Study xxi
Methodology xxiii


Chapter 1 Semeiotic Patterns in the Pentateuch

Mosaic Semeia 1
Semeiotic Pattern A:
The Meaning of Head, Body, Hand, and Foot 3
Semeiotic Pattern B: Separation and Remembrance 8
Summary: The Importance of the Semeiotic Patterns 12

Chapter 2 Semeiotic Patterns in the Ordination and Consecration Rituals of the Pentateuch

The Ordination of Aaron and His Sons 13
Semeiotic Pattern in Ritual Sacrifices. 18
Mosaic Theology of Creation, Ordination, Sacrifice 23

Chapter 3 The Consecration of Nazirites

A Costly Separation Ritual 28
Nazirite Consecration and The Ordination of Priests 36
Summary 39


Chapter 4 Semeiotic Patterns in the Gospel According to John

The Transfer of Semeiotic Patterns 40
The Word 41
The Temple 43

Chapter 5 Jesus Replaces the Temple Sacrifices

Introduction 49
The Sabbath 50
The Festival of First Fruits 52
The Festival of Weeks 53
The Festival of Trumpets 55
The Day of Atonement 56
The Festival of Booths 60

The Passover Observance 62

Chapter 6 The New Priesthood: The Disciples of Jesus

Replacements 68
Indictment of the Old Priesthood 68
Word, Sacrament, and Disciple 70
Seeing and Believing 74
Semeia Transferred 74
To See the Signs 75


Chapter 7 The Setting of the Ordination Trilogy

A Preview 77
The Trilogy 79
Signs 80
The Use of Historical Time in the Setting 85
The Beginning of the Plot 93

Chapter 8 A Setting in Cosmic Time

Cosmic Time 100
Hour 101
Day 102
Three Days 105
The Seventh Day (Sabbath) 106
Season 107
Year 107
Summary 108

Chapter 9 Understanding a Sign Called Bethany

The House of Ananiah 109
The Role of John the Baptist 110
The Gates of the Temple 112

Chapter 10 The Characters of the Trilogy

Lazarus, the Silent Priest 115
The Message of Silence 117
Martha, the Deacon 120
The Disciples of Jesus, Priests of the New Temple 123
Deacons and Elders Among the Disciples 128
Thomas, the Elder 129
Mary of Bethany, Beloved Disciple and Bishop 130
Mary of Bethany as a Nazirite 136
Could the Beloved Disciple Have Been A Woman? 140
The Meaning of the Name : Mary 147
The Rite of Purification 151
The Beloved Disciple and Jesus 153
Summary 160


Chapter 11 The Ordination Trilogy: Act 1, Scene 1
The Examination of Martha and Mary

Mary, Martha, and Lazarus Identified 161
The Message 162
Arriving at the temple 178
Martha's Examination 186
Mary's Examination 190

Chapter 12 The Ordination Trilogy: Act 1, Scene 2
The Raising of Lazarus
The Stone 209
The Stench 212
The Glory of God 214
The Resurrection 216
The Judgement 227

Chapter 13 The Ordination Trilogy: Act 2
The Ordination of Mary of Bethany

The Table Setting 235
Purification 236
The Time and Place 238
The Meal 239
The Ritual 240
The Ointment 241
Mary's Personal Sacrifice and Glory 243
The Challenge 245
The Words of Ordination 247
The Ordination of the Disciples 252
The Open Hand 253
Authority to Celebrate 255
Laying on of Hands 257

Chapter 14 The Ordination Trilogy: Act 3
Completing The Ordination of Jesus' Disciples

The Setting 260
The Devil's Hand 264
Into Jesus' Hands 266
Girded With a Towel 268
Peter's Reaction 274
Jesus' Explanation 277
The Blessing 286


Chapter 15 Who Wrote the Gospel of John?

The Name Is Not the Author's 289
A Number of Different Hands and Voices 290
An Intimate Knowledge 291
An Old Testament Professor 291
The Scribe 292
The Publisher 292
One More Theory 294

Chapter 16 The Rest of the Story

The End of a Very Old Story 295
The Setting: In the Garden of Eden 296
Judas Priest 298
Whom Do You Seek? 298
Summary 299


A. Plan of the Second Temple (Graphic) 301
B. The "Eye" of Reader Response (Graphic) 302
C. Concordance of Mosaic and Johannine Oracles 303
D. Bibliography 315
E. Index 326

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