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Women with a Mission. Mary of Magdala. Meditation Day Twelve

Women with a Mission

Mary of Magdala, Meditation Day Twelve

Studying the picture

History itself seems to have understood the mission Jesus gave to Mary of Magdala. A mission which the official Church does not seem to have taken seriously so far. As for ourselves it would be as well to meditate on what the picture has to tell us. Mary was called. She had a vocation. She knew what the Lord wanted her to do. We women have been kept away from the ministry which Jesus established, but the time has come for things to change.

Indeed, we realise deep within us that we do not need any longer the capital letters and historical fittings in which the sacraments have come to us and which none could alter with impunity. We have been told that sacraments are outward signs through which grace is indicated and given. A very good definition. There are seven sacraments only? Wait a minute.

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There are many more. What to think of this? A chapel full of religious sisters. A group of young women are being sent on a mission. What began as a spark in their hearts will now become an active mission. The Superior is standing on the steps of the altar, thus facing the congregation. One by one the young sisters are called to the altar. Each time the whole community, at the Superior’s request, stretches their hands towards the missionary to join in the blessing and the commission which send them on their way. You can almost touch the grace flowing out from this community gathered before the Lord. It is an event that is totally feminine. Nevertheless a sign through which grace is indicated and given. A sacrament.

Sr. Theresia Saers

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