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Liberated from Prejudice

ap³hn-[n-bn \n¶pÅ hntam-N\w

AsX, icn-bm-Wv.  Ignª Ime-§-fn Xncp-k` kv{Xo¡v ]u-tcm-lnXyw \ÂIm³ Iq«m-¡n-bnÃ. 


k`-bnse ]qÀh-Im-es¯ \S-]-Sn-IÄ hne-bn-cp-¯p-t¼mÄ, F´p-sIm­v Ah A{]-Im-c-am-bn-cp¶p F¶-Xnsâ Imc-W-§Ä ]Tn-t¡-­-Xp-­v.

kv{XoIsf kw_-Ôn-¨pÅ Is­-¯-epIÄ \s½ Akz-Ø-s¸-Sp-¯p-¶-Xm-Wv.

XoÀ¯pw  ZpÀ_-e-amb Imc-W-§-fpsS shfn-¨-¯n-emWv kv{XoIsf ]utcm-lnXy ip{iq-j-bn \n¶pw Hgn-hm-¡n-bn-cp-¶-Xv.

The evil of prejudice

{Xnhn[ ap³hn-[n-I-fmWv kv{Xo]u-tcm-ln-Xys¯ hne-¡nbn-cp-¶Xv.

1.  kv{XoIsf ]pcp-j-·m-sc-¡mÄ FÃm hn[-¯nepw Xmgv¶hcmbn Icp-Xn-bn-cp-¶p : imco-cn-Iw, _p²n-]-cw, sshIm-cn-Iw

   "]pcp-j-_oPw' ]qÀW inip-hns\ "DÄs¡mÅp-¶p' F¶ [mcW h¨p ]peÀ¯n-bn-cp-¶-Xn-\m kv{Xosb A]qÀW hyàn-bmbn ImWm³ CS-bm-bn.

   Npcp-¡-¯nÂ, kv{Xosb lo\-bmbn ap{Z-Ip-¯n.

2.  a\p-jy-hÀK-¯nsâ Ir]-bn \n¶pÅ ]X-\-¯n\v hgn-sX-fn-¨Xv lÆm Bb-Xn-\mÂ, B ]m]-¯nsâ im]w t]dp-¶-h-fmbn Hmtcm kv{Xosbbpw Icp-Xp-hm³ XpS-§n.

kv{XoIsf ]m]-¯nsâ k´-Xn-I-fmbn F®n

3.  amk-ap-d-{]-Im-c-apÅ cà-{km-hs¯ Aip-²-sa¶v P\w Icp-Xn-bn-cp-¶p. 

   Aip² Pohn-IÄ F¶ \ne-bn kv{XoIsf Aįm-c-bnse hnip² ip{iq-j-I-fnÂ\n¶pw AIän \nÀ¯n.


Xncp-k-`-bpsS hnizm-k-kw-ln-X-sbbpw ]T-\-§-sfbpw BNm-c-§-sfbpw aen-\-s¸-Sp-¯p¶ C¯cw kmwkv¡m-cnI þ kmapZm-bnI ap³hn-[n-I-fn \n¶pw k` \nc-´cw hntam-N\w t\tS-­-Xp-­v.

ASn-aXzw ssZhw A\p-h-Zn-¡p-¶-Xm-sW-¶v, 1854 hsc-bpÅ amÀ]m-¸-amÀ ]Tn-¸n-¨n-cp-¶p.  C¶m-I-s«, k` AXns\ XoÀ¯pw apS-¡n-bn-cn-¡p-¶p.

k`m-N-cn-{X-¯n-ep-S-\ofw Xncp-k-`¡v C¯cw sXäp-IÄ kw`-hn-¨n-«p-­v.

ssZhnI ]²-Xn-b-\p-k-cn¨v AhÀ¡mbn \nÝ-bn-¨n-cn-¡p¶ ssZhnI ip{iq-j-I-fn \n¶pw kv{XoIsf XS-Ê-s¸-Sp-¯p-¶Xv Xnc-k-`m-]-T-\-§-fn h¶n-«pÅ C¯cw ap³h-n-[n-I-fm-Wv.  Ch-bn \n¶pÅ hntam-N\w tXSp-¶-h-cmWv C¶s¯ kv{XoIÄ.

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