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Called by the Holy Spirit

The roots of any vocation lie in our having been created by God.
Every potential in us comes from God’s hand and every call, whether to a task, a ministry, a kind of life or a special mission, arises from God’s calling us out of nothingness into becoming the person we are.

As to priestly vocations, there has always been a conviction within the Church that genuine vocations come from God, and that it would be criminal to block such vocations.

Women are called to holy oders! The fact is that many Catholic women, all over the world, feel called to the priestly ministry.

Read the testimonies of present-day women who feel called to the priesthood.

In the past this call has, by and large, been suppressed by cultural and social prejudice. In spite of that, we have the examples of saints who manifested their call:
St. Catherine of Siena, doctor of the Church
St. Thérèse of Lisieux, doctor of the Church

and others.

Tests on 100 women who feel called to the priesthood in the Catholic Church showed that they were equally competent, motivated and worthy as male candidates for the priesthood. Read here.

  Through the sense of vocation of Catholic women the Holy Spirit herself is urging the Church to review the existing ban against women.

As long as the Church continues to ignore the promptings of the Spirit, the valuable charisms and gifts of women will be lost to the ministry.
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