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As carriers of inerrancy the faithful reject the exclusion of women

ssZhnI ip{iq-j-I-fn \n¶v kv{XoIsf Hgn-hm-¡p-¶-Xns\ sXän-Ãm-bvam-h-c-¯nsâ DS-a-I-fmb hnizm-kn-IÄ FXnÀ¡p-¶p.

hnizm-k-s¯bpw k·mÀKs¯bpw kw_-Ôn-¡p¶ Imcy-§Ä X§-fpsS B[n-Im-cnI {]t_m-[-\-§-fn-eqsS hyà-am-¡p-¶-Xn amÀ]m-¸bv¡pw sa{Xm³kw-L-¯n\pw hfsc \nÀWm-b-I-amb ]¦p-­v.  Cu DZyaw ssZh-P-\-¯n-\pÅ A{]-am-Zn-¯-h-c-¯n-emWv tI{µo-Ir-X-am-bn-cn-¡p-¶-Xv, adn-¨-Ã..

k`-bpsS {]t_m-[-\m-[n-Im-c-¯nsâ A{]-am-Zn-¯-¯n\p \nZm\w ssZh-P-\-¯nsâ A{]-am-Zn-¯-am-sW¶v t`Z-KXn sN¿-W-sa¶ \nÀtZiw c­mw h¯n-¡m³ kq\-l-tZm-kn-\n-S-bn DbÀ¶p h¶p.  F¶m k`-bpsS ]mc-¼-cy-¯n\v hncp-²-am-sW¶ \ymb-¯m CXns\ XÅn-¡-f-ªp. Vatican II, Acta synodalia III/1, pp. 198-199; R.R.Gaillardetz, Teaching with Authority. A Theology of the Magisterium in the Church, Liturgical Press 1997, p. 154.

""]cn-ip-²-\m-b-h\m A`n-tjIw sN¿-s¸-«n-cn-¡-sIm­v (1 tbml. 2: 20-þ27) hnizm-kn-I-fpsS kaq-l-¯n\v H¶msI hnizm-k-¯n sXäp ]äp-I-bnÃ''

(Xn-cp-k` 12, c­mw h¯n-¡m³)

""hnizm-k-¯nsâ t_m[y-t¯m-SpIq-Sn-¯s¶ AhÀ, Hcn-¡Â hnip-²À¡v \ÂI-s¸« (bqZ: 3) B hnizm-ks¯, AN-©-e-ambn apdpsI¸nSn-¡p-Ibpw icn-bmb Bß-Úm\w hgn AXv IqSp-X Bg-ambn {Kln-¡p-Ibpw Pohn-X-¯n-te¡v ka-{K-ambn ]IÀ¯p-Ibpw sN¿p¶p.''

(2-þmw h¯n-¡m³, Xncp-k` þ12)

"" "sa{Xm³ apX AÂamb hnizm-kn-I-fn Ah-km-\s¯ BÄhsc' hnizm-k-hpw, k·mÀKhpw kw_-Ôn¨ Imcy-§-fn s]mXp-hmb A`n-{]mb sFIyw {]I-Sn-¸n-¡p-t¼m-gmWv ssZh-P-\-sa¶ \ne-bv¡v, hnizm-k-¯nsâ AXn kzm`m-hn-I-amb AÀY-¯n X§-fpsS {]tXyI hcw (hn-izm-kn-I-fpsS kaq-l-¯n\v H¶msI hnizm-k-¯n sXäp ]äp-I-bnà F¶ hcw) AhÀ {]Im--in-¸n-¡p-¶-Xv.''

(c­mw h¯n-¡m³, Xncp-k` þ 12)

]e-\m-Sp-I-fnepw It¯m-en-¡-cpsS CS-bn \S-¯nb t]mfnwKv shfn-s¸-Sp-¯p-¶-X-\p-k-cn¨v `qcn-`mKw It¯m-en-¡cpw hniz-kn-¡p-¶Xv kv{XoIÄ¡ ]utcm-lnXyw \ÂI-W-sa-¶m-Wv.

{]mXn-\n[y kzm`m-h-apÅ GXm\pw ØnXn-hn-h-c-I-W-¡p-IÄ Xmsg sImSp-¡p-¶p.  kv{Xo]u-tcm-ln-Xys¯ A\p-Iq-en-¡p¶ It¯m-en-¡-cpsS A\p-]m-X-amWv iX-am\w kqNn-¸n-¡p-¶-Xv.

Great Britain Canada Spain Portugal Netherlands Germany Italy Australia Ireland USA
65% 66% 74% 71% 86% 71% 58% 62% 67% 68%

It¯m-en¡m {]t_m-[-\-§-fpsS DÅ-S¡w \nÝ-bn-¡-s¸-Sp-¶Xv `qcn-`m-K-¯nsâ A`n-{]m-b-a-\p-k-cn-¨-Ã, A§s\ Bbn-cn-¡-bp-a-cp-Xv.
CXnsâ ]qÀW-cq-]-¯n-\mbn hmbn-¡pI
John Wijngaards, The Ordination of Women in the Catholic Church. Unmasking a Cuckoo’s Egg Tradition, London & New York 2001, pp. 44-47.

taÂImWn¨ I-W-¡p-IÄ hyà-am-¡p¶ Hcp hkvXp-X-bp­v: At\Iw kaÀ¸-W-tN-X-Êp-I-fmb It¯m-en-¡À Dd¨p hniz-kn-¡p-¶Xv kv{Xo]u-tcm-ln-Xys¯ FXnÀ¡p-hm³ aXn-bmb \ymb-§Ä CsÃ-¶mWv.

Ahcpw sXäp-]-äm¯ ]mc-¼cyw t]dp-¶-h-cm-Wv.

""\½Ä lb-cmÀ¡n-bpsS A[n-Im-c-¯n\v Xpc¦w hbv¡p-I-bmtWm?''

hnhÀ¯\w : imen\n

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