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The teaching authority has made many serious mistakes in similar cases of presumed ‘doctrine’

"kn²m-´-§Ä' F¶p KWn-¡-s¸-«n-cp¶ At\Iw hnj-b-§-fn k`-bpsS {]t_m-[-\m-[n-Im-c-¯n\v Kpcp-X-c-amb sXäp ]än-bn-«p-­v.

k`-bpsS {]t_m-[-\m-[n-Imcw hnizm-kn-I-fpsS kaq-ls¯ A_² kn²m-´-§-fn \n¶p kwc-£n-¡p¶p.  AXn-\m AXv \½psS BZ-chv AÀln-¡p-¶p-­v.  F¶m Ncn{Xw \ÂIp-s¶mcp kXyap­v.  hn[n \nÀWbw \S-¯p-¶-Xn {]t_m-[-\m-[n-Im-c-¯n\v sXäp ]äm-hp-¶-Xm-Wv, Kpcp-X-c-amb sXäp ]än-bn-«p-­v.

C¯cw ]ng-hp-IÄ ]e-t¸mgpw kw`-hn-¨n-cn-¡p-¶Xv amdn amdn hcp¶ kwkv¡m-c-¯nsâ ]Ým-¯-e-¯n-emWv.  ]g-Int¸mbXpw ]mc-¼cy§fn \n¶p-Å-Xp-amb Bi-b-§-sfbpw BNm-c-§-sfbpw k` AÅn-¸n-Sn-¨n-cp-¶p.  {InkvXob hnizm-k-¯nsâ k¯-bp-ambn Ahsb Ahn-th-I-]-c-ambn XmZm-ßy-s¸-Sp-¯n-bn-cp-¶p.

Nne DZm-l-c-W-§Ä t\m¡p-I:

bqtdm-¸n _m¦nwKv Bcw-`n-¨-t¸mÄ, ]W-hm-bv]bv¡v ]eni Bh-iy-s¸-Sm³ XpS-§n, \man¶p sN¿p-¶-Xp-t]mse.  ]gb \nb-a-¯nse N«s¯ B[m-c-am¡n k` AXns\ apS-¡n.

]eni hm§p-¶-hÀ ""IqZmim kzoI-c-W-¯n\v AW-b-cp-sX¶v'' c­mw emä-d³ Iu¬kn (1139 A.D) A\p-im-kn-¡p-I-bp-­m-bn.  IqSmsX, ""AhÀ sXän \n¶v ]n³Xn-cn-ªn-sÃ-¦n AhÀ¡v k`m-]-c-amb ih-kw-kv¡mcw \ÂIm-hp-¶-X-sö \nÀtZ-i-hp-ap-­m-bn.

k`-bpsS {]t_m-[-\m-[n-Imcw 1830-þ-emWv Cu hne¡v ]n³h-en-¨-Xv.  B Bdp \qäm-­p-I-fn At\Iw hym]m-cn-Ifpw Ah-cpsS IpSpw-_-§fpw k`bv¡p ]pd¯p Pohn-¡p-Ibpw acn-¡p-Ibpw sNbvXp.


amÀ]m-¸-amcpw Ah-cpsS Iqcn-b-Ifpw 1888 hsc ASn-a¯w \nb-am-\p-kr-X-am-sW¶v \oXo-I-cn-¨n-cp¶p!

k`m-]n-Xm-¡-·mÀ, k`m-Iu¬kn-ep-IÄ, amÀ]m-¸-amÀ, ssZh-imkv{X ]WvUn-XÀ apXm-em-b-hÀ ASn-a-¡-¨-h-Ss¯ þ ASn-a-Isf \nb-a-]-c-ambn hm§p-Ibpw hn¡p-Ibpw kz´-am¡n hbv¡p-Ibpw sN¿p-¶-Xns\ þ \ymbo-I-cn-¨n-cp-¶p.

tdmanse hnizmk Xncp-kw-L-am-I-s«, 1866 Pq¬ 20-þ\v Hcp {]Jym-]\w ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn¨p:  ""ASn-a¯w AXnÂXs¶, k¯m-]-c-ambn ]cn-K-Wn-¡p-t¼mÄ ssZhnI \nb-a-¯n-t\m, {]IrXn \nb-a-¯nt\m  Hcn-¡epw hncp²a-Ã.  ASn-a-¯-¯n\v At\Iw t]cp-I-fp-­mImw ...  ASn-asb hn¡p-Itbm hm§p-Itbm h¨p amdp-I-tbm,  sN¿p-¶Xv ssZhn-I-\n-b-a-¯nt\m {]IrXn \nb-a-¯nt\m hncp-²-a-Ã.''


Xncp-k-`bv¡v ]pdsa c£-bn-sÃ-¶v, 1854 hsc-sb-¦nepw k` HutZym-Kn-I-ambn ]Tn-¸n-¨n-cp-¶p.

amÀ]m-¸-amcpw ssZh-im-kv{X-]-WvUn-Xcpw CXns\ k`-bpsS HutZym-KnI ]T-\-ambn {]Jym-]n¡pI am{X-aà sNbvXXv;  k`m Iu¬kn-ep-IÄ CXns\ Hcp hnizmk kXy-ambn \nÀh-Nn-¡pIIqSn sNbvXp. 

1442-þ bqPn³ amÀ]m¸ ^vtfmmd³knse kq\-l-tZm-kn h¨v C{]-Imcw {]Jym-]\w sNbvXp:  ""]cn-ip² It¯m-en-¡m-k` CXv Dd¨p hniz-kn-¡p-¶p, {]Jym-]n-¡p-¶p, ]Tn-¸n-¡p-Ibpw sN¿p-¶p;  It¯m-en¡m k`bv¡p ]pd-¯pÅ bmsXm-cp-h\pw þ hnPm-Xo-bÀ am{X-a-Ã, blq-ZÀ, ioiva-¡mÀ, aX-\n-µ-IÀ apX-em-b-hcpw \nXy-Po-h³ Ah-Im-i-s¸-Sp-¯p-I-bnÃ; ]Icw Ah-cpsS Pohn-Xm-h-km-\-¯n-\p-ap¼v It¯m-en-¡m-k-`sb BtÇ-jn-¨n-sÃ-¦n km¯m\pw Ahsâ ZqX-·mÀ¡p-ambn Hcp-¡n-bn-cn¡p¶ \nXy-\-c-Im-án-bn-te¡v t]mIpw (a¯mbn 25:41).  k`m-Km-{X-hp-am-bpÅ sFIyw A{X-tbsd {][m\yw AÀln-¡p-¶-Xm-Wv.  k`-bn \ne-\n¡p-¶-hÀ¡p am{Xta k`-bpsS IqZm-i-IÄ D]-I-cn-¡p-I-bp-Åq.  D]-hm-kw, Zm\-[À½w, aäp `à-Ir-Xy-§Ä, {InkvXob Pohn-X-¯nsâ aäp A`ym-k-§Ä BZn-bm-b-hbv¡v \nXy-ku-`m-Ky-¯nsâ ^e-§Ä e`yamIp-¶Xv AhÀ¡v am{X-am-Wv.  It¯m-en-¡m-k-`-bp-ambn sFIy-s¸-«v, k`-bpsS aSn-bn Ign-bp-¶n-Ãm-sb-¦nÂ, {InkvXp-\m-as¯ {]Xn càw Nn´n-bm t]mepw Ah-cmcpw c£-s¸-Sp-I-bn-Ã.''

taÂ]-dª kn²m-´s¯ c­mw h¯n-¡m³ Iu¬kn ]n³h-en-¡pIbp­mbn.  sshhn-[y-amÀ¶ aX-§-fpsS kl-hÀ¯n-Xz-s¯-¡p-dn-¨pÅ ]qÀW-amb AÚ-X-bn \n¶pw cq]w sIm­-Xm-bn-cp¶p  B ]T-\w.  k`bv¡p ]pd-¯p-Å-h-cpsS ssZhm-\p-`-hs¯ XoÀ¯pw Ah-K-Wn-¨p-sIm-­pÅ ]T-\-hpam-bn-cp¶p AXv.

]kvXm-hyamb Imcyw CXmWv: k`m-{]-t_m-[-\§Ä F¶pw Ime-L-«-¯n\p ]nd-In-em-Wv.  apS-¡p-ap-X-en\v]eni FSp-¡Â, `qan kqcys\ {`aWw sN¿p¶p F¶ ]T\w kw_-Ôn-¨v, ]cn-Wma kn²m´w,  ss__n-fnsâ {KÙ IÀXr-Xzw, P\m-[n-]-Xyw, sXmgn-emfn sFIy kwL-S-\-IÄ, aX-kzm-X{´yw, sFIyp-sa-\nkw XpS§n 64 hnj-b-§sf kw_-Ôn¨pw CXv icn-bm-Wv.  B-[p-\nI bmYmÀYy-§Ä GXv s]m§n-h-¶mepw tdmw BZyta AXns\ sXäm-bn-«mWv ImWp-I.  KÀ`-\n-tcm-[\ amÀK-§Ä, sFÑnI {_Ò-N-cyw, kv{Xo ]utcm-lnXyw F¶o hnj-b-§sf apS-¡p-t¼mÄ k` AtX coXn-btà ]n³Xp-S-cp-¶Xv?

hnhÀ¯\w : imen\n

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