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Blind Obedience?

AÔ-amb A\p-k-cWw?

""amÀ]m¸ ]m¸-bmWv, ]m¸-bmWv!

k¼qÀW hnt[-b-Xz-amWv k` ]Tn¸n-¡p-¶Xv: _p²n-bp-sSbpw a\-Ên-sâbpw aXm-ß-I-amb Cu hnt[-bXzw {]tXy-I-hn[w {]I-S-am-t¡-­Xv tdmam amÀ]m-¸m-bpsS HutZym-Kn-I-amb A[n-Im-c-t¯m-Sm-Wv.  B[n-Im-cn-I-ambn kwkm-cn-¡m¯ kµÀ`--§-fnÂt]mepw ]c-a-amb {]t_m-[-\m-[n-Imcw  BZ-c-]qÀÆw AwKo-I-cn-¡p-Ibpw At±--l-¯nsâ Bi-bm-{K-l-§Ä hyà-am-¡-s¸-Sp-¶-X-\p--k-cn¨v B Xocp-am-\-§Ä¡v hnt[-b-cm-Ip-Ibpw sN¿-Ww.''
( Xn-cp-k-`. 25c )

""CXv, IY-bpsS Hcp `mKw am{Xta BIp-¶pÅq!

bYmÀ° A\p-k-c--Whpw hniz-kvX-Xbpw \½psS hyàn-Xz-s¯-tbm, a\-Ên-s\-tbm, COm-i-àn-sbtbm \ncm-I-cn-¡p-¶nÃ!

c­mw h¯n-¡m³ Iu¬kn ]Tn¸n-¡p-¶Xv C{]-Im-c-amWv: "BÚ-IÄ A\p-k-cn-¡p-t¼mgpw  `c-ta¸n-¨n-cn-¡p¶ tPmen \nÀÆ-ln-¡p-t¼mgpw _p²n-bp-sSbpw a\-Ên-sâbpw FÃm Ign-hp-I-fpw, {]Ir-Xn-bp-sSbpw {]km-Z-h-c-¯nâbpw FÃm Zm\-§fpw AhÀ D]-tbm-Kn-t¡-­XmWv.'

C§s\ k\ym-km-\p-k-cWw a\pjy hyàn-bpsS amlmßyw Ipd-bv¡p-I-b-Ã, t\sc-a-dn¨v ssZh-a¡Ä¡pÅ hnime kzmX-{´y-¯m AXns\ ]cn-]-Iz-am-¡p-I-bmWv sN¿p-¶-Xv. 
P.C. 14)

""hnip² Ctájykv setbm-f-bpsS ]T-\-§Ä \n§Ä ad-¶p-t]mtbm?

AÔ-amb A\p-k-c-W-s¯-¡p-dn¨v hnip-²³ ]d-ªXv C§-s\-bmWv: AXv \n§-sf, Bfp-IÄ Du¶p-hSn¡mbn (

Ctá-jykv A§s\ ]dªn-«p-­v.  F¶n-cp-¶mepw AXv A£-cmÀY-¯n a\-Ên-em-¡-W-sa-¶n-Ã.  At±lw Øm]n¨ Cutim-k`¡mÀ [nj-Wm-im-en-Ifpw hnaÀi-Icpw \ncq-]-Icpw kÀK-i-àn-bp-Å-hcpw hniz-kvXcpw Bbn-cn-¡-W-sa¶v At±lw B{K-ln--¨ntÃ?

]Iz-amb \nÀh-N-\-a-\p-k-cn¨v A\p-k-cWw \s½ kz´-amb ZÀi-\-§-fpÅ kzX-{´-hy-àn-I-fmbn ImWp¶p.CXm sa¨-amb Nne \nÀh-N-\-§Ä

  • ‘A\p-kcWw F¶Xv, kz´w DÄ¡m-¼n ssZh-¯nsâ kzc-¯n\v ImtXmÀ¡-emWv: kaq-l-¯n A\p-`-hn-¡p-¶Xpw sXfnªp \n¡p-¶Xpw shfn-s¸-Sp-¯-s¸-«-Xp-amb kz´w DÄtNZ-\-Isf A\p-hÀ¯n-¡-em-W-Xv... "{InkvXp-hns\ A\p-k-cn-¡p-I, Fsâ sa{Xms\ A\p-k-cn-¡pI, ssZhs¯ A\p-k-cn-¡pI F¶n-h-sbÃmw thcq-¶n-bn-cn-¡p-¶Xv ssZhnIOmb-bnse Rms\¶ hyàn-tbm-SpÅ kXy-k-Ô-X-bn-em-Wv.' 
    _mÀ_c jvank Barbara Schmitz
  • bYmÀY A\p-k-cWw  kZm tkh-\-k-¶-²-am-Wv.  F¶n-cp-¶mepw AXv XnI¨pw kzÑ-µ-am-Wv.  A\ym-b-amb Ah-Im-i-hm-Z-§Ä D¶-bn-¡p-¶-h-cpsS t\sc hnaÀi-\m-ß-I-hp-am-Wv.
    Joan Chittister

hnhÀ¯\w : imen\n

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