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]utcm-lnXy ip{iq-j-bn \n¶v
kv{XoIsf Hgn-hm-¡n-bXv?

The Congregation for Doctrine in Rome

hnizmk kXy-§Ä¡m-bpÅ Xncp-kw-Lw, tdmw.

  ""12 A¸-kvtXm-e-·m-cpsS `mK-ambn kv{Xosb tbip hnfn-¨nÃ''
Inter Insigniores § 9 - 12

""C{]-Imcw `mhn k`-bv¡mbn tbip Hcp Øncamb Øm]n¨p:  kv{XoIÄ ]ptcm-ln-X-cm-I-W-sa¶v tbip B{K-ln-¨n-«n-Ã.
Ordinatio Sacerdotalis

A§-s\-b-Ã, A§-s\-bÃ!

kv{XoIsf kzX{´-cm-¡m-\mWv Cutim {ian-¨-Xv.  ]utcm-ln-Xy-¯n \n¶pw kv{XoIsf \nXy-ambn Hgn-hm-¡pI F¶Xv Ahn-Sps¯ kz`m-h-¯n\p \nc-¡p-¶-X-Ã.  kXy-¯nÂ, amt½m-Zo-k-bn-eqsS kv{Xo-Isf tbip-hnsâ ]utcm-ln-Xy-¯n Xpey-]-¦m-fn-I-fm-¡p-I-bmWv tbip sNbvX-Xv.  CXv, tbip-hnsâ ]qÀ®-amb ]utcm-lnXy ip{iq-j-bn ]¦p-tN-cm³  kv{XoIsf tbmKy-cm-¡p¶p.
  C{km-tb-ens\ 12 tKm{X-]n-Xm-¡-·mÀ¡p ]Icw 12 A¸-kvtXm-e-·msc Cutim Xnc-sª-Sp¯v Cutim-bpsS kmwkv¡m-cnI Npäp-]m-SnÂ, kzm`m-hn-I-ambpw Cu Npcp-§nb e£y-¯n-\mbn 12 ]pcp-j-·msc AhÀ sXc-sª-Sp-¯p.

am{X-hp-a-Ã, AXn-ep-]-cn, Cutim Hcp Imcyw sNbvXnà (H-c-h-k-c-¯n kv{Xosb Xnc-sª-Sp-¯n-Ã) F¶-Xns\ B[m-c-am¡n `mhn-bn-te¡v BI-am-\-ambn Hcp imizX \nb-a-ambn AXns\ hmZn-¡pI F¶Xv invalid BWv.
Hcp Imcyw ad-¡-cp-Xv.  CXv Fsâ HmÀa-¡mbn sN¿p-hn³ F¶v Cutim ]dª A´y A¯m-g-k-a-b¯v kv{XoIÄ k¶n-ln-X-cm-bn-cp-¶p.

hmbn¡pI. Suzanne Tunc and Marjorie Maguire.
  HmÀ¯ncn¡pI: tbip Xs¶bpw injykaqls¯bpw ]eXc¯n ip{iqjn¡p¶Xn\v injycmb kv{XoIsf \ntbmKn¨ncp¶p. am{XaÃ, ]p\cp°m\¯nsâ BZys¯ km£nIfpw Ahcmbncp¶sÃm. 

Elisabeth Carroll.

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