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The ordination of women belongs to the type of ‘doctrine’ liable to distortion

kmwkv¡m-cnI ho£-W-§-fmÂ
 hnIr-X-am-¡-s¸-Sm-hp¶ Xcw
A\p-im-k-\-§-fn s]«-XmWv
kv{Xo ]utcm-lnXyw

{InkvXob XXz-§-fpsS cq]-h-Xv¡-c-Ww, FÃm \qäm-­p-I-fnepw AXXv Ime-L-«-¯nse kwkv¡m-c-¯m kzm[o-\n-¡-s¸-«n-«p-­v.  kp{]-[m\ hnizmk kXy-§-fmb ]cn-ip² {XnXzw, a\p-jym-h-Xmcw F-¶n-h-sb-t]mepw amdn-amdn hcp¶ kwkv¡m-c-§Ä kzm[o-\n-¨n-«p-­v.  Ah-i-cpsS kn²m-´-§-fm-I-s«, {]_-e-kw-kv¡m-c-§fm XoÀ¯pw sslPmIv sN¿-s¸-«n-cn-¡p-I-bm-Wv.

  • kmap-Zm-bn-I-Xew þ P\m-[n-]-Xys¯ k` ]pdw XÅn-bn-cp-¶p.  cmPm-¡-·mÀ ssZhm-[n-Im-c-¯m `cWw \S-¯p¶p F¶v k` hniz-kn-¨p-t]m-¶p.  hÀK-t{iWn AwKo-I-cn-¡-s¸-«p.  sImtfm-\n-b-en-k-¯n\v k`-bpsS AwKo-Imcw e`n-¨n-cp-¶p.
  • krjvS-{]-]©w þ `qan kqcys\ Npäp¶p F¶v hniz-kn-¨-Xnâ t]cn K-eo-entbm aX-\n-cq-]-I-\mbn hn[n-¡-s¸«p!  tPymXn-js¯ k` hne-a-Xn-¨n-cp-¶p.  Bdp Znhkw sIm­mWv krjvSn-IÀ½w \S-¯n-b-sX-¶-Xns\ ssZh-\n-thinX ]T-\-ambn k` ]Tn-¸n-¨p-t]m-¶p.
  • Bcm-[-\m-{Iaw þ tdmam-¡m-csâ ssZ\w-Zn\ hkv{Xs¯ "Xncp-hk-kv{X-ambn kzoI-cn¨p; sa{Xm-·msc ^yqUÂ {]`p-¡-sf-t¸mse IcpXn BZ-cn-¨n--cp-¶p.  e¯o³ `mj ssZh-¯nsâ kz´w `mj-bmbn IW-¡m¡n.
  • ssewKn-IX þ Úm\-hmZn (Gnostic)Isf `b¶v ssewKn-I-X-tbmSv \ntj-[m-ßI kao-]\w ]peÀ¯n-t¸m¶p.    tdmam-¡m-cp-tSbpw PÀa³Im-cp-tSbpw knhn \nb-a-§Ä¡\p-k-cn-¨mWv Xncp-k-`-bn sshhm-lnI \nb-a-§Ä X¿m-dm-¡n-b-Xv.

kv{Xo-Isf "kpµ-co-a-Wn-I-fmbn' F®p-t¼mgpw ]pcp-j-·msc-¡mÄ XoÀ¯pw Xmgv¶-h-cmbn IW-¡m-¡n.

Women were considered ‘beautiful creatures’, but totally inferior to men.

  • _p²n-bn Ipd-hp-Å-hÀ
  • sshImcnI Ønc-X-bn-Ãm-¯-hÀ
  • hniz-kn-¡m³ sImÅ-cp-Xm-¯-hÀ
  • t\XrXzw hln-¡m³ Ign-hn-Ãm-¯-hÀ

This inferiority was seen confirmed by the view that women were not complete human beings.

kv{XobpsS AWvU (ovum)¯nsâ {]hÀ¯-\-s¯-¡p-dn¨v Adn-hn-Ãm-bn-cp-¶p.  ]pcp-j-_o-P-amWv ]pXp-Po-h³ kwh-ln-¡p-¶Xv F¶ [mc-W-bmÂ, ]pcp-j-_o-P-amWv (sperm){]XypÂ]m-Z-\-¯n\v \nZm\w F¶v Icp-Xn-t¸m¶p.

tXmakv AIzn-\mkv t]mepÅ ssZh-im-kv{X--Ú-·mÀ kv{Xo ]utcm-ln-Xys¯ \ntj-[n-¨n--cp-¶-Xn\p ImcWw CX-s{X.

kv{XoI-fpsS amk-apd F¶ tami-amb "tcmK'-¯m AhÀ ]oUn-X-cm-bn-cp-¶p.  CXv ssZh-¯nsâ ]cn-ip² Aįm-c-bn ip{iqj sN¿p-¶-Xn\v AhÀ¡v Atbm-KyX IÂ]n-¨p. 

amk-ap-d-b-\p-k-cn-¨pÅ cà-{kmhw Aip-²-sa¶pw `oj-W-sa¶pw AXv kv]Àin-¡p-¶-hÀ¡v A]-I-S-I-c-sa¶pw Icp-Xn-t¸m-¶p.  ChÀ¡v Iev]n-¯n-cp¶ {`jvSv tdmam-km-{am-Py-¯n AXn-i-à-am-bn-cp¶p; a[y-i-X-I-§fnepw, t]mcm, 20-þmw \qäm-­p-h-scbpw CXv XpSÀ¶p t]m¶p. 

Cu Zn\-§-fn tZhm-e-b-¯n {]th-in-¡p-¶-Xn \n¶pw, hnip² IpÀ_m\ ssIs¡mÅp¶-Xn \n¶p-t]mepw kv{XoIÄ XS-b-s¸-«n-cp-¶p.  Nne-t¸mÄ AhÀ Znhy-Im-cpWyw kzoI-cn-¨n-cp-¶Xv ssIbn hncn¨ Hcp XpWn-bn-t·-em-Wv.  Znhy-ta-isb kao-]n-¡m³ AhÀ XoÀ¯pw "Aip-²À' Xs¶!

CXn-s\Ãmw D]-cn-bm-bn, ]pcp-j-·m-cpsS ]m]-Im-c-Whpw kv{XoI-fp-sS-ta Npa-¯n-bn-cp-¶p.

BZs¯ ]m]-¯n\p t{]cn-¸n¨p F¶ Ipäw lÆm-bn Btcm-]n-¡-s¸-«p.  X·qew "]pcp-j\v \nsâ-ta B[n-]Xyw D­m-bn-cn¡pw F¶v lÆmbv¡v e`n¨ ssZho-I-im-]-¯nsâ in£ FÃm kv{XoI-fp-sSbpw ta h¶v ]Xn-¨p.

]utcm-lnXy ip{iq-j-I-fn \n¶pw kv{XoIsf AIän \nÀ¯p-¶-Xn\v Ah-ew-_-ambn \n¡p-¶Xv C¯cw kmkv¡m-cn-I-amb ap³hn-[n-I-fm-Wv.  Cu kXy¯n-te¡v k`m-[n-Im-cn-IÄ C\nbpw I®p-Xp-d-¶n-«n-Ã.

hnhÀ¯\w : imen\n

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