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Enabled by Christ to preside

Znhy-_-en-bn A[y£w hln-¡m³Cutim kv{XoIsf A[n-Im-c-s¸-Sp¯n

A´y A¯m-g-th-f-bn Cutim hnip² IpÀ_m\ Øm]n-¨p.  kZm-Im-ehpw  Xsâ kaq-l-¯n k¶n-ln-X-\m-Im³ Cutim B{K-ln-¨p.  Ah-tcm-sSm¸w A¸-¯n-sâbpw hoªnsâbpw IuZm-inI NnÓ-§-fn-eqsS \nXy-]n-Xm-hn\v \nc-´-c-\-µn-bÀ¸n-¡m³ Ahn-Sp¶v k¶n-ln-X-\m-bn.

Cutim-]-dªp: ""CXv Fsâ HmÀ½-bv¡mbn sN¿p-hn³.''  Xsâ \ma-¯n F¶pw Znhy-_-en-bÀ¸n-¡m³ injysc Npa-X-e-s¸-Sp-¯p-¶-Xm-bn-«mWv CXns\ \ymb-ambpw a\-Ên-em-¡n-bn-cp-¶-Xv.  s{Sâv kq\-l-tZmkv CXns\ DZm-¯-amb hn[-¯n ho­pw Dd-¸n-¨p-]-dªp: ""CsXsâ HmÀa-bv¡mbn sN¿p-hn³' F¶ hN-\-¯n-eqsS {InkvXp A¸-kvtXm-e-·m-cpsS ]utcm-lnXyw Øm]n¨p; Ahcpw aäp ]ptcm-ln-Xcpw Ahn-Sps¯ ico-c-c-à-§Ä AÀ¸n-¡-W-sa¶v hn[n¨p.  k`-bpsS F¶p-apÅ {]t_m-[\w CXm-bn-cp-¶p.'' (1562 AD; Denz. no. 1740, 1752).

What only men at the Last Supper?

A´yA¯m-g-¯n\v ]pcp-j-·mÀ am{Xta k¶n-ln-X-cm-bn-cp-¶pÅq F¶mWv a[y-bp-K-§-fn FÃm-hcpw Icp-Xn-t¸m¶ncp¶-Xv.  setbm-\mÀsZm Zmhn©n Xsâ kp{]-kn² Nn{X-¯n hc-¨p-h-¨Xpw A§-s\-bmWv (hn-i-Zo-I-cWw apI-fn ImWp-I).  Durandus a Saint - Pourcain (1270 - 1334 AD) sâ hm¡p-I-fnÂ, ""A´y-A-¯m-g-th-f-bn {InkvXp ]pcp-j-·mÀ¡p am{Xta IqZmi sN¿m-\pÅ A[n-Imcw \ÂIn-bp-Åp.''

CXv kXy-amtWm?  AhnsS kv{XoIÄ D­m-bn-cp-¶ntÃ?


At the Last Supper women were there!

LAST SUPPER by Bohdan Piasecki

A´y-A-¯mgw Hcp s]k-lm-`-£-W-am-bn-cp-¶p.

kphntij§-fn \n¶pw CXv hyà-am-Wv.  injy-tcm-sSm-¯pÅ Xsâ s]klm Bbn-«mWv Cutim AXv X¿m-dm-¡n-b-Xv.  ""\n§-tfmSp IqsS Cu s]klm `£n-¡m³ Rm³ AXy-[nIw B{K-ln¨p'' (eq¡: 22: 7þ16).
Cutim-bpsS kaq-l-hn-cp-¶n Ft¸mgpw kv{XoIfpw ]s¦-Sp-¯n-cp¶p F¶v kphn-ti-j-§-fn ImWm-hp-¶-Xm-Wv.
CXv ssZhcmPy-¯nsâ \ho\Xzw {]I-S-am-¡m-\pÅ Hcp D]m-[n-bm-bn-cp¶p Cutim-bv¡v.

IqSm-sX, IpSpw_w apgp-h³, kv{XoIÄ DÄs¸sS s]k-lm-`-£-W-¯n ]s¦-Sp-¡-W-am-bn-cp¶p (]p-d. 12:1þ14).
kphn-ti-j-§Ä hnh-cn-¡p-¶-X-\p-k-cn-¨v, "kÔy-bm-b-t¸mÄ Cutim ]{´-­p-t]-cp-sam-cp-an¨p h¶p', (amÀt¡m. 14:17), s]klm Hcp-¡nb aäp injyÀ AhnsS apt¼Xs¶ D­m-bn-cp¶p.  Ah-cn kv{XoIfpw DÄs¸-«n-cp-¶p.

  AXn-\m Cutim-bpsS A½bpw aäp kv{XoIfpw A´y-A-¯m-g-¯n k¶n-ln-X-cm-bn-cp¶p F¶v Dd¨p hniz-kn-¡m-hp-¶-Xm-Wv.-

FÃm injy-tcm-Sp-am-bn-«mWv Cutim ]d-ªXv: ""CsXsâ ico-c-am-Wv.
FÃm-hcpw CXv hm§n `£n-¡p-hn³.
CsXsâ HmÀa-bv¡mbn sN¿p-hn³!
CXv Fsâ cà-am-Ip-¶p.
FÃm-hcpw CXv hm§n IpSn-¡p-hn³!
\n§Ä CXv sN¿p-t¼m-sgÃmw Fsâ HmÀa-bv¡mbn sN¿p-hn³!''(a-¯m. 26: 26-þ28; 1 tImdn, 11: 23-þ25)

Jesus words “Do this in commemoration of me!” were addressed to all the disciples, men and women. Thus Jesus empowered all of them to receive Holy Orders and preside at the Eucharist.

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