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Has the Church never ordained women?

k` Hcn-¡epw kv{XoIÄ¡v ]utcm-lnXyw \ÂIn-bn-«ntÃ?

""BZy \qäm­p-IÄ apX \½psS Cu Ime-L«w hsc k`-bn kv{XoIÄ¡v ]utcm-lnXyw sImSp-¡p-¶ ]XnhnÃ.''

Inter Insigniores § 6-8, 23
The Congregation for Doctrine in Rome

hnizmk Xncp-kw-Lw, tdmw

BZn-a-k-`-bn kv{XoIÄ Nne ip{iq-j-IÄ \nÀÆ-ln-¨n-cp-¶p, F¶Xv icn-bmWv, F¶m A¯cw ip{iq-jIÄ¡v IuZm-inI ]utcm-ln-Xy-hp-ambn Hcp _Ôhpw D-­m-bn-cp-¶n-Ã.

Commentary on Inter Insigniores § 57, 71-77.

GXm\pw Nne A]-hm-Z-§sfmgn¨mÂ,
kv{XoIÄ¡v ]utcm-lnXyw
\ÂIn-bn-cp-¶n-Ã.  icn! 

F¶m Cu Hgn-hm-¡Â \S-¯n-bn-cp-¶Xv
aq¶p-hn-[-¯n-epÅ ap³hn-[n-Isf B[m-c-
am-¡n-bm-Wv.  AXn-\m¯s¶ AXv B
Hgn-hm-¡Â Akm--[p-hm-Wv.

kv{XoIsf IW-¡m-¡n-bn-cp-¶Xv:
* kz`m-h-¯m-sebpw \nb-a-]-c-ambpw lo-\cm-bn-«mWv;
*   ]m]-¯n\p in£n-¡-s¸« AhkvYbnemWv;
*aXm-Nm-c-{]-Imcw Aip-²-bm-W-hÄ!

Zb-hm-bn, hkvXp-X-IÄ ]Tn¡q!

  kmwkv¡m-cnI ap³hn-[n-IÄ \ne-\n¡p-t¼m-gpw, {InkvXp-hn kv{Xobpw ]pcp-j\pw Xpey-cm-sW¶v hnizm-kn-IÄ¡v F¡m-ehpw t_m[y-s¸-«n-cp-¶p.  kv{XoIÄ¡pw ]utcm-lnXyw kzoI-cn-¡m-hp-¶-XmWv F¶v  DÅnsâ DÄ¡m-¼n AhÀ hniz-kn-¨n-cp-¶p.CXns\ \ap¡v ]-tcm£ ]mc-¼cyw F¶p hnfn-¡mw.

Cu Kp]vX ]mc-¼-cy-¯nsâ Nne DZm-l-c-W-§Ä t\m¡pI:
adn-b¯nsâ ]utcm-ln-Xy-¯n-eq-¶nb Bg-amb acnb `àn;
*  kv{Xoip{iq-j-I-bmbn ]cn-K-Wn-¡p¶ tacn amKvZ-en-t\m-SpÅ `àn.

‘Le sacerdoce de la Vierge’ (close up), early 15th century, school of Amiens, France.
Ah-km-\-t¯Xv F¶m \nÊm-c-a-Ãm-¯ Hcp DZm-l-c-Ww,  H¼Xp \qäm-­p-Imew k` kv{XoIÄ¡v Uo¡³]«w \ÂIn-bn-cp-¶-Xp-hgn Ahsc Xncp-¸-«-¯n-te¡pw kzoI-cn-¡p-I-bm-bn-cp-¶p.

]«m-`n-tj-I-¯nsâ ]qPm-hn-[n-bn h-e-Xp-Icw sIm­pÅ ssIsh¸p ip{iqjbpw dqlm-£-W-{]mÀY\bpw kv{XoIÄ¡pw ]pcp-j-·mÀ¡pw Htc-t]m-se-bm-bn-cp-¶p.

]qÀWamb IuZm-inI Uo¡³ ]Zhn kv{XoIfpw kzoI-cn-¨n-cp-¶p.

AXn-\mÂ, kv{XoIsf ]utcm-lnXy ip{iq-j-bn \n¶pw AIän \nÀ¯m\pÅ  aXn-bmb sXfnhmbn ]mc-¼-cys¯ ImWm-\m-hn-Ã.
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