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We call our network
abbreviated as W.O.M.E.N

Membership is open to men as well as women, to persons belonging to any country worldwide, to members of any church or denomination.

The main aims of W.O.M.E.N are:

  1. To build up, extend, improve, strengthen, publicise and support in any way possible the www.womenpriests.org website which is the main tool of our international campaign for the ordination of women as priests.
  2. To propagate awareness of the women’s ordination cause in one’s own country, church and social environment. finding strength in each other's experiences and insights.
  3. To mutually support other members in their journey to achieving our goals,finding strength in each other's experiences and insights. Members will have access to special resources which will help them hone their skills and reach out to the wider community.

    Requirements for membership:

    • Registration as a member on www.womenpriests.org
    • Annual membership fee of US $ 12 or its equivalent in other currencies [eg. £ 10, Euro 10, etc.].
    • Undertaking voluntary tasks for www.womenpriests.org, if at all possible, in research, html editing, internet linking, etc. according to one’s available time and talents.


    • Privileged access to a key members of our editorial board.
    • Privileged information about the running of our website, its financial situation, website statistics, projects in hand, future planning, feedback about the impact we are making.

    We are still building up the members' section of our www.womenpriests.org, but you can already join. Annual membership fee is $ 12 or its equivalent [£ 10, Euro 10, etc.]

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