Leofric female ordination

A Sacramentary from Gaul

Manuscript reference: Vatican Reginae Lat. 337; also known as Codex Reginensis

mss written ca. 850; from Roman exemplar, the Hadrianum, dating 786

Published by H. A. Wilson, The Gregorian Sacramentary under Charles the Great, London 1915, p. 139.


The sacramentary contains two sections: (a) the authoritative sacramentary sent to Charlemagne by Pope Hadrian I "which may not be changed"; and (b) adaptations and additions for the Church in Gaul, possibly edited by Alcuin.
The text is almost identical with that in two other sacramentaries: Cambrai 164 and Ottobonianus 313


Oratio ad diaconam faciendam

1. Prayer to make a woman deacon

The word 'diacona' is ancient. Later the word 'diaconissa' (deaconness) became common.


This sacramentary does not contain rubrics.

Exaudi, domine, preces nostras, et super hanc famulam tuam illam spiritum tue benedictionis emitte ut cœlesti munere ditata et tue gratiam possit maiestatis adquirere, et bene uiuendi aliis exemplum prebere. Per

3."Hear, o Lord, our petition and send down on this your maidservant here the Spirit of your ordination so that, since you have conferred on her your heavenly office, she may obtain favour with your majesty and may present to others the example of a good life. Through. "


The ancient ordination prayer - EXAUDI .

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