Can women not act in the person of Christ?

{InkvXp-hnsâ hyàn-Xz -X-\n-a-bn {]hÀ¯n-¡m³
kv{XoIÄ¡v km[n-¡p-I-bntÃ?

The Congregation for Doctrine in Rome

Congregation for Doctrine
in Rome

  ""tbip Hcp ]pcp-j-\m-bn-cp-¶Xn\m ]pcp-j-\mb ]ptcm-ln-X\p am{Xta hnip² IpÀ_m\-bn {InkvXp-hns\ {]Xn-\n-[m\w sN¿m-\mIq.  ]ptcm-ln-X³ {InkvXp F¶ hyàn-sb-bmWv {]Xn-\n-[m\w sN¿p-¶Xv.''
Inter Insigniores § 24-28

""IqZmi F¶Xv Hc-S-bm-f-am-Wv.... ]ptcm-ln-X³ {InkvXp-hnsâ AS-bm-f-hpw.   kv{Xo A[o-\-]-Z-¯n-em-Ibm kv{XoIÄ¡v D¶-X-]-Z-hnsb {]Xn-\n-[m\w sN¿m-\m-hn-Ã.   AXn-\m¯s¶ AhÀ¡v IqZm-im-]u-tcm-lnXyw kzoI-cn-¡m-\m-hn-Ã...''
Summa Theologica Suppl. qu. 39 art. 1.

tdmanse hnizm-k-Xn-cp-kwLw

Cu ap³hn[n cq]-s¸-«Xv a[y-bpK ssZh-im-kv{X-Ú·mcnÂ\n¶pw k`m-]n-Xm-¡-·m-cnÂ\n-¶p-am-Wv.

{]P-\\w F¶Xv AhÀ ]nXm-hnÂam{Xw Btcm-]n¨p: P\n-¡m-\n-cn-¡p¶ ]qÀW-inip ]pcp-j_oP-¯n Ds­¶mWv AhÀ hniz-kn-¨-Xv.  A½-bm-I-s«, hnX-bv¡-s¸« hn¯v hf-cp¶ shdpw \ne-¯n\v Xpey-am-sW¶v AhÀ Icp-Xn.

C§s\ kv{XoIÄ ]qÀW-a-\p-jy-Po-hn-IÄ AÃm-¯-Xn-\m AhÀ¡v ]qÀ®-amb {InkvXp-hns\ {]Xn-\n-[m\w sN¿m-\m-hn-Ã.

  AXn-ep-]-cn, Hcp ]ptcm-ln-X³ {InkvXp-hns\ {]Xn-\n[o-I-cn-¡p-t¼mÄ AbmÄ {InkvXp-hnsâ BW-Xz- (maleness) s¯-b-Ã, adn¨v Ahn-Sps¯ a[y-ØiànsbbmWv {]Xn-\m-[m\w sN¿p-¶-Xv!!

AXn-\m ]pcp-j-s\-t¸m-se-Xs¶ kv{Xo¡pw {InkvXp-hns\ {]Xn-\n-[m\w sN¿m-hp-¶-XmWv;  Fs´-¶m kv{XoIfpw {InkvXp-hn Xpey-cmWv..

kv{XoIfpw {InkvXp-hnsâ kmZriyw [cn-¡p-¶-h-cm-Wv..

IqSm-sX, hnhm-l-¯nepw amt½m-Zo-km-bnepw kv{XoIÄ ip{iq-j-I-cm-bn-cn-¡p-t¼mÄ AhÀ "thsdmcp {InkvXp-hmbn' hÀ¯n-¡p-¶pap­v.

hmkvX-h-¯nÂ, {InkvXp-hnsâ kvss{XW`m-h-§sf kv{XoIÄ IqSp-XÂ at\m-l-c-ambn {]Xn-^-en-¸n-¡p-¶p-­v.

Ah-km-\-am-bn, {InkvXp-hnsâ ]utcm-ln-Xy-¯nsâ kmcmw-i-amb {InkvXob kvt\ls¯ {]Xn-\n-[n-I-cn-¡m³ kv{XoIÄ¡pw Ign-bpw.
{InkvXp-hns\ {]Xn-\n-[m\w sN¿m³ kv{XoIÄ¡p Ignbnà F¶ hmZ-¯nsâ t]cn k`-bn kv{XoIsf ]utcm-ln-Xy-ip-{iq-j-bnÂ\n¶p AIän \nÀ¯p-¶Xv sXäm-Wv!

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