Has the Church never ordained women?


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Ordinatio Sacerdotalis § 4
The Congregation for Doctrine in Rome

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Inter Insigniores § 5

k`-bpsS kmÀh-{Xn-Ihpw km[m-c-W-hp-amb {]t_m-[-\m-[n-Imcw F¶Xv temI-¯nse kIe sa{Xm-·mcpw tNÀ¶pÅ {]t_m-[-\-am-Wv.
Xmsg ]d-bp-¶ \n_Ô-\-IÄ Ds­-¦n am{Xta CXv A{]-am-Zn-¯]-c-amb {]t_m-[-\w BIpIbpÅp.
1. {]t_m-[-\m-[n-Im-c-¯nsâ kwLm-Xm-ß-I-X-bpsS {]I-S\amsW-¦nÂ
2. sa{Xm-·mÀ hn[n-IÀ¯m-¡Ä F¶ \ne-bn {]Xn-\n-[m\w sN¿p-t¼mÄ
3. hnizm-kn-Isf {ihn-¨-Xn-\p-tijw am{X-am-sW-¦nÂ
4. shfn-s¸-Sp-¯-s¸« hnizmk kXy-§-sfbpw k·mÀK-s¯bpw kw_-Ôn-¡p-¶-Xm-sW-¦nÂ
5. A´naw F¶ \ne-bn hn[n \nÀWbw sN¿p-t¼mÄ

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CXn-s\-¡p-dn¨p NÀ¨ ]mSn-sÃt¶m?
I’m afraid not!

AXn--\m-emWv {]apJ ssZhi-im-kv{X-Ú-·mÀ A{]-am-Zn-¯ -{]-t_m-[\w F¶ Ah-Im-i-hm-Zs¯ XÅn-¡-f-bp-¶Xv.

Xs¶-bp-a-Ã, k`-bpsS {]t_m-[-\-§Ä ]qÀWamI-W-sa-¦n AXv hnizm-kn-IÄ kzoI-cn-¨n-«p-Å-Xm-IWw ....  `qcn-]£w It¯m-en-¡cpw CXns\ \nc-kn-¡p-¶-Xn-\m CXv km[-I-am-Ip-¶n-Ã.

hmbn¡pI: ‘The Reception of Doctrine: New Perspectives’ by Richard Gaillardetz.
  \ap¡v `qX-Ime Ncn-{X¯n \n¶pw ]mT-§Ä ]Tn-¡mw.

tdmam-bpsS {]t_m-[-\m-[n-Im-c-¯n\pw amÀ]m-¸bv¡p-t]mepw Kuc-hm-h-l-amb sXäp ]äp-¶Xv CXv BZy-am-bn-s«m-¶p-a-Ã.

Hcn-¡Â k` B[n-Im-cn-I-ambn ]Tn-¸n-¨Xpw F¶m C¶v amän-b-Xp-amb 65 {]t_m-[-\-§-fpsS enÌv _nj¸v sdbva­v F. e¡À Cu ASp¯ Ime¯v X¿m-dm-¡p-I-bp-­m-bn!

CXn \ns¶Ãmw hyà-am-Ip-¶-X-\p-k-cn¨v kv{Xo ]utcm-lnXyw F¶ hnjbw Hcp ASª hnj-b-a-Ã!   Return to opening menu?

CXn \n¶pw kv{Xo]utcmlnXyw F¶ hnjbs¯ kw_Ôn¨ ]cnNn´\w Ahkm\n¨n«nÃ.
A§s\sb¦n k`bpsS {]t_m[\m[nImc¯nsâ t]m¡v Ft§m«v?

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