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Prayers to Mary Priest

Prayers to Mary Priest

Translation by John Wijngaards

  1. Prayer of Pope Pius X
  2. Prayer of priests consecrated to Mary Priest
  3. Prayer of Fr. Bourgoing

Prayer to which Pope Pius X attached 300 days’ indulgence in 1906

Oh Mary, Mother of Mercy, “Mother and Daughter of Him who is the Father of mercies and the God of all consolation” (1), “Distributress of all the treasures of your Son” (2), “Minister of God” (3), “Mother of our High Priest Christ, both priest and altar” (4), “Immaculate Tabernacle of the Word of God” (5), “Teacher of all Apostles and Disciples of Christ” (6), protect our Supreme Pontiff, intercede for us and for our priests that the High Priest Jesus Christ may purify our consciences, and that we may worthily and piously approach his sacred meal.

O Immaculate Virgin, who not only “has given us Christ the celestial bread in forgiveness of sins (7), but who is yourself ”A most acceptable sacrifice offered to God" (8), “and the glory of priests” (9), and who, as your most blessed servant Saint Antoninius declares, “although you did not receive the Sacrament of Order, you were full of whatever in dignity and grace is given by it”, you are therefore rightly hailed as “Virgin Priest” (10). Please, look down on us and on the priests of your son, save us, purify us, sanctify us, that we may receive the ineffable treasures of your sacraments in a saintly manner and may deserve to obtain the eternal salvation of our souls. Amen

Two sides of a prayer card. One side showing an image of Mary in priestly vestments and the other the prayer in Latin

The picture card was bought on Ebay by Ivelisse Colon-Nevarez


  1. Richard of St. Laurence.
  2. St. Bernardinus.
  3. Bernard of Busto.
  4. St. Epiphanius.
  5. Blosius.
  6. St. Thomas of Villanova.
  7. St. Epiphanius.
  8. St. Andrew of Crete.
  9. St. Ephraem.
  10. Letter of Pope Pius IX (25 August 1873.)

Prayer of priests consecrated to Mary Priest

See the French original here.

O Mary, called by the beautiful title of ‘Virgin Priest’, because you wanted, for God’s sake and our sake, to be mother of the Eternal Priest, obtain for us the grace to be other Christs to all, to be the true elect, consecrated in chastity to the service of your altar and the salvation of souls. Obtain for the grace to realise the words of [ordination in] the Pontifical: “Understand what you do, imitate [the mysteries] you are performing” -- namely, to renew the infinite Sacrifice of the Cross every day with more faith for God’s Holy Church, -- to consume the victim of all holiness who immolates us with himself every day with more faith, -- to die as true Christians and true priests, i.e. as victims with the crucified Jesus; -- and finally to eternally complete our sacrifice with Jesus in the glorious adorations of heaven.

O Mary, Mother of my priesthood, I am yours, give me salvation for all eternity!

Source: Jean Grimal, S.M., Le Sacerdoce et le Sacrifice de Notre-Seigneur Jésus-Christ, Paris, Gabriel Beauch

Prayer of Fr. Bourgoing

“O Mary, our Queen and Queen of priests, give to all those who carry the sacred character, that they regard you during the divine ceremonies, and that, leading Jesus to the altar, they emulate the reverence and singular devotion with which you gave birth to Jesus and with which you put him as a tiny baby into the manger and with which you held him in your sacred hands, kissed and embraced him a thousand times. Oh, that we may always be in actual submission to, and dependence on, your saintly disposition when we approach holy communion. For this purpose I submit myself fully to your power.” F. Bourgoing (1585 - 1662), Vérités et excellences de Jésus Christ, Paris 1636, vol. 2, Méditation 19, § 3, pp. 183-184.

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