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C.L.Richard, died in 1796 AD


died in 1796 AD

C. L. Richard was a Dominican theologian who also wrote anti-patriotic tracts against the French revolutionaries, such as (titles translated): ‘The parallel between the Jews who crucified Jesus and the French who killed their king’ and ‘The Rights of the House of Austria to Belgium’. He was executed by the French army in Holland in 1796.

Text quoted in French by Réné Laurentin (in Maria, Ecclesia, Sacerdotium, Nouvelles Éditions Latines, Paris 1952, pp. 313-314; 322) and translated into English by John Wijngaards.

Mary offered a true sacrifice

“[At the Presentation] in the Temple Mary offered a true sacrifice . . . . In spite of all the repugnance and upset of her maternal love, she joined the office of priestess to her quality as mother, and she sacrifices him in some way with her own hands to the grace of the Almighty and for the salvation of people: her Son, her only Son, the precious fruit of her virginal motherhood, the specific Son, the soul of her soul which she loves more than she loves herself.” Sermon 63 sur l‘Assomption, Orateurs Sacrés, Paris, vol. 67, p. 699.

Mary is priestess

“ Mary, wonderful Mary, is at the same time daughter of God, Mother of the Son, spouse of the Holy Spirit, priestess and mediatrix of human beings, Queen of heaven and earth.” Sermon 63 sur l‘Assomption, Orateurs Sacrés, Paris, vol. 67, p. 701.

Mary is a mediator by intercession

“Do not be afraid that, in order to focus on the mother, I would be imprudent enough to diminish the Son or minimise his glory. No, I am sure, and faith teaches it to me, Jesus Christ is the only priest, the only bishop in essence and excellence . . . He is also the only mediator.
Yet, there are other priests and other bishops who are subordinated to Jesus Christ and who in their own way offer God this sacred victim of our reconciliation. There is also another kind of mediators, mediators by intercession, because they pray and intercede for us. Mary is one of those, in preference to all others.” Sermon 63 sur l‘Assomption, Orateurs Sacrés, Paris, vol. 67, p. 702.

Mary is priestess and mediatrix

“It is with good reason that one attributes to Mary, with due precautions, the glorious titles of priestess, mediatrix, mother of grace . . . These are the very words used by Basil, Ephraem, Anselm, Bernard and other Fathers when they speak of Mary.
In harmony with your divine Son, you oh Mary, are therefore, by identity of nature, the priestess, the mediatrix, the reconciler of the world lost by sin. The world owes you its healing, its deliverance, its freedom and its eternal salvation. Oh marvel! you are really the Queen of heaven and earth!” Sermon 63 sur l‘Assomption, Orateurs Sacrés, Paris, vol. 67, p. 703.

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