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Ubertinus of Casalis, died ca 1330 AD

Ubertinus of Casalis

died ca 1330 AD

Arbor Vitae Crucifixae, printed by A. de Bonnettis de Papia, 1485 AD.

Ubertinus was a Franciscan Friar belonging to the socalled school of ‘Spirituals’.

Texts quoted in French by Réné Laurentin (in Maria, Ecclesia, Sacerdotium, Nouvelles Éditions Latines, Paris 1952, pp. 162-164) and translated into English by John Wijngaards.

Mary was after Jesus the greatest priest

Book I, chap. 10, p. 23 verso b.“The fourth privilege of John the Baptist was that the same angel who announced him , also announced the Lord. And as Bernard says, the announcement [of John] was solemn because it was made in the sacred Temple, at the time of the sacrifice, to the high priest. But note that the Temple where Mary prayed so fervently was even more solemn: namely the place of the Virgin was the Holy of Holies for only the queen of angels prayed there. For in mental oblation the Virgin was, after Jesus Christ, the greatest of all priests.”  

Mary offered Jesus in the Temple


Book II, chap. 5, p. 51 recto a. “The redemption of our captivity (that is the Christ) is redeemed at a cheap price. The oblation to God the Father is offered through the hands of the virgin; but in a very holy mother, purity itself is purified.
See here the redemption given by God the Father. But see also the very worthy and glorious spouse of God the Father the blessed virgin Mary, who responds to the eternal Father with a love similar to his own.
He says to her: “Will you give this son who is yours and also mine?”
She replies: “Yes. The one who was given to me by your mercy, the one whom I received from you, I will give him with my motherly love. I will give myself also to all those to whom you have deigned to give your son”.
In the Temple, as in a universal place, this very generous mother, this worthy priest, universal representative, very worthy intercessor for all of us, gives to all children of grace, her unique son. And Simeon himself, without hesitation, accepts the gift and receives the oblation, and foretells the mystery.”

This text presupposes the biblical story of the Presentation in the Temple.

Jesus could only be offered by Mary


Book II, chap. 5, p. 51 verso a. “ Oh very happy virgin, you see, which response our advocate St Simeon gives you. You see to what end he has received your little baby. Surely, he has received him for the price of our redemption, through the supplication of the cross and the pain of your bitter piercing.
Are you therefore prepared to give us your well beloved son for this particular intention?
‘Yes’, says the very blessed virgin, ‘I know what I am doing, I know whom I am giving, I know what I receive. I know that I am receiving the prayers of my adoptive children for whose expiation, whose redemption and whose healing I give my unique son. He is the true and only “lamb who takes away the sins of the world” (Jn 1, 29). And I, rich as I am in myself, I offer him because this unique lamb belongs to me. I have conceived him. I have carried him in the womb without being burdened. I have given birth to him without pain. I have engendered the God-made-human with a perfect virginity, from the Holy Spirit. And he is the true and only lamb who cannot be offered by anyone else except by me, the very rich mother of all grace, in order to redeem the children of adoption who are so poor and miserable, who are captive under the double sighing of their pain and their faults. For this reason I have offered, together with the true lamb, the birds that sigh, in order that the oblation of the true lamb may take on at the same time the sighs and the pain and the faults. See that is why I am offering you also the turtle doves.’


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