* We have uploaded the full version of John Wijngaards important book "The Ordination of Women in the Catholic Church, Unmasking a Cuckoo's Egg Tradition" "click here"


* We have uploaded a copy of our July Newsletter called "Communion" "click here"

* Report on the public launch of CATHOLIC SCHOLARS' DECLARATION on reform of authority in the Catholic Church, which was held in the House of Commons" "Click here"

* We have published the full text of the book by John Wijngaards "Background to the Gospels" "Click here"

* We have uploaded a copy of our Spring Newsletter called "Communion" "click here"

* More and more scholars are signing up to our JUBILEE DECLARATION on reform of authority in the Catholic Church we passed the hundred mark weeks ago. As of 4th of February, 159 have endorsed the statement! They include 7 bishops and Prof Mary McAleese, the former President of Ireland. "Click here"

* The most influential Catholic newspaper in the USA, the NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER, has announced its public support for the ordination of women in the Catholic Church. This is wonderful news! "Click here"

* We have uploaded a copy of our September Newsletter called "Communion" "click here"

* Chapter Seven of a Book called Corrective Vision by Richard A McCormick, S.J. has been uploaded. This is an exciting exploration of the role of Theologians in the Church "click here"

* The last interview with Cardinal Martini in which he says the Church is "200 years behind". "click here"

* "My Journey from Silence to Solidarity" Fr Roy Bourgeois, M.M. tells his story of how he became a supporter of womens ordination and the attempts to silence him

* An article that has been published in Der Spiegel in which an assessment is made of the power struggle in the Vatican"click here"

* The book Amrutha by John Wijngaards is is now available in an eBook edition, see :

* "Incredible 'Infallibility'Claim" In a leaked note Pope Benedict states that his predecessor 'infallibly and irrevocably' decided against the ordination of women "click here"

* A statement by leading Belgian Theologians claiming that the Vatican is leading the Church away from Vatican ll "click here"

* A new interesting article by Annie Lally Milhaven has been uploaded called "The Real Reasons Why the Catholic Church Does Not Ordain Women "click here"

* An older book, but very important as it gives teaching by many theologians on the Sensus Fidelium "click here"

* We have uploaded a copy of our April Newsletter called "Communion" "click here"

*On Nov. 1st we held a public presentation in the Houses of Parliament calling for freedom of speech in the Church "click here"

* John Wijngaards has published a new novel. For further information on this "click here"

* We have uploaded an article by Edward Schillebeeckx on ministry in the First and Second Christian Millennia "click here"

* Fr Roy Bourgeois is given a Second Canonical Warning that will end with his dissmissal from the priesthood and his order for believing in the Ordination of woman as priests"priests to be dissmissed for believing in womens ordination."

* We have added links to new meditaitons on Mary of Magdala by Sr Theresia Saers in Dutch and English."click here for English version" and "click here for a Dutch version."

* 300 Austrian Priest issue statement "They call for 'disobedience' in seven key areas.".

* The Cardinal Archbishop of Lisbon said "there is no fundamental obstacle, from a theological perspective, for women not to be ordained".

* Report from ACC Conference (11 June 2011): "Hans Kung urges peaceful revolution against roman absolutims at ACC conference".

* Good article in The Tablet (4 June 2011): "Women priests: the issue that keeps resurfacing", by Elena Curti.

* See the latest information on the women deacons who were ordained in the past.

* We have updated our documentation on the 'abuse of authority' in the Church.

* We are also presenting a new (!) audio-visual presentation on the sacramental ordination of the ancient women deacons in the Catholic Church . The evidence for these women having received the full sacrament of the diaconate is undeniable. Inspect the complete ordination rites preserved in a number of key manuscripts.

* Patron of womenpriests.org, Catherina Halkes, dies at age 90.

* Leading Human Rights Lawyer Conor Gearty Calls for Women's Ordination!

* Women Deacons in the West: Dr. John Wijngards and Jackie Clackson have produced a spoken presentation which outlines the research we have done on ministries of women in the West. You will find also interesting information on the ancient conhospitae who served in the Celtic countries and freilas who ministered in the Basque area. Stay tuned! We hope to publish shortly a similar presentation about women deacons in the East.

* Womenpriests.org stands in Solidarity with Fr. Roy Bourgeois! Read our Press Release here!

* Promoting the Value of the Girl Child: Our friend, Virginia Saldanha writes from India. She challenges: The Catholic Church...has the best opportunity to introduce awareness...But we have to lead by example. The general attitude towards women in the Church gives women the strong message that they indeed second class.' Great work, Virginia!

* Action Alert! Maryknoll's Superior General has given Roy Bourgeois 15 days to publicly recant his support for women's ordination or face dismissal from the priesthood. Our friends at Women's Ordination Conference are part of a team organising a Petition in support of Father Roy. We encourage you to endorse it. Alternatively (or in addition) you can also express your concern by phone or in writing to the Maryknoll Superior. His contact details are:

Rev. Edward M. Dougherty
Maryknoll Superior General
PO Box 305,
Maryknoll, NY
10545-0305 USA

telephone: 001.914.941.7590

* One of the reasons given for threats to dismiss Father Roy has to do with connections to illegal ordination of women. Though womenpriests.org does not promote illegal ordination, we do take issue with:

Canon Lawyer Klaus Ludicke helps us learn more about this: Protection by Virtue of the Law?

* A voice from Canada speaks out! Soul Side: Father Roy Bourgeois Out, Discrimination In

* From our online library, a brilliant piece by Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, csj about responsible dissent and her assessment of Ordinatio Sacerdotalis: Responsible dissent begins as an act of conscience and continues as part of a committed life in the church. It is not habitual but arises in particular instances out of concern for the truth. It requires a certain discipline in order to be done well. The value guiding it in all cases should be the common good.

* Action Alert: Campaign to Restore the Women's Diaconate: Our sister in Church reform, FutureChurch is organizing an international paper and electronic e-postcard campaign asking Cardinal Levada at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to ‘honour the constant teaching and tradition of the Catholic Church’ by restoring the female diaconate. Please support this initiative. An ordained women's diaconate will end the centuries long silencing of women in the proclamation of the Word.

* 72 Disciples! Watch here for more news!

* Act now! Endorse the German Theologians Statement asking for women's ordination and an end to compulsory celibacy in the priesthood. Now at more than 57,000 endorsers, the goal of 100,000 people standing in solidarity is moving closer. Count yourself in!

* Dr. John Wijngaards, our website founder analyses subtle shifts taking place in the Vatican's view of women priests:The Pope's 'Teaching' on Why Women Cannot Be Priests: A New Focus?

* Colette Joyce, our Pastoral Outreach Coordinator speaks to the BBC World Service about breaking ground in the 'traditionally male territory' of faith leadership. Colette's segment on Heart and Soul: Conquering Holy Ground starts at about the 9.5 minute mark!

* Women's Ordination Worldwide (WOW) stands in solidarity with the now more than 225 courageous theologians from Austria, Germany and Switzerland  who publicly name the ordination of women and open dialogue about structures of participation as urgent reforms needed in the Catholic Church Stands in Solidarity with German Theologians! See the WOW Statement here. Act now! Sign on to the German Theologians Statement, click here!

* A Word in Your Ear Holy Father -- The Tablet -- If you had the opportunity for a one-to-one with Benedict XVI, what would you discuss with him? Theologians Mary Grey, Lisa Isherwood and Ursula King would press the case for women’s ordination.

* In the Austrian Church: With record numbers leaving the Austrian Church, 14 parishes unite behind an initiative backing, among other things, the ordination of women deacons.

* Good News! TIME magazine recognises this year's work for women's ordination on its All That is Top in 2010 News Story Lists. The photo in the article is symbolic as it includes representatives from various streams in the movement standing together calling for what is right. (See from L to R, Madre Longhitano, the first Catholic woman ordained in Italy --welcomed for ordination in the Old Catholic Church-- see below--, Therese Koturbash, Int'l Coord'or of womenpriests.org, Erin Saiz Hannah, Exec.Dir. of Women's Ordination Conference, and Katy Zatsik, an ordained priest with RCWP.) The article is here: Women Priests, In Spite of the Vatican

* A new book out: Called: Women Hear the Voice of the Divine by Gretchen Kloten Minney. Forward by Fr Roy Bourgeois, MM : This provides background and history of ordination in the Church and tells the stories of the brave women who, called to priesthood, are followed the voice of that calling. This thoughtful look at what might be the issue of the century for Catholics sheds new light on a cause whose time has come.

* Australian Catholic Priest Risks His Future by Calling for Women Clergy: Father Greg Reynolds speaks publicly about women's ordination: 'I believe certain women are being called by God to the ministerial priesthood and our Church is obstructing the work of the Holy Spirit. I feel I can no longer sit back and remain silent.'

* Our new quarterly newsletter is out! We've called it Communion because of the ways that word reflects the spirit of our work. It calls to mind our vision of a Church where women and men are one in the Body of Christ -- neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, not male or female... but one in Christ. The fact that women are still excluded from ordained priesthood is a sign of ecclesial resistance to the truth of this oneness in Christ.

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* Learn more about new website developments: Abuse of Authority: A Scourge That is the Root of Many Problems in the Church

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* Woman in Priestly Garb Sounds a Great Echo In Italy The New York Times' E. Povoledo documents the story of Madre Maria Vittoria Longhitano, the first Catholic woman to be ordained in Italy. Her 2010 ordination (in the Old Catholic Church since our Church won't have her) is a critical break through. See photos of a celebration with Madre Maria in Rome in June 2010 when her guests were Delegates of Women's Ordination Worldwide in the city for a vigil for women's ordination held in St. Peter's Square.

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* On BBC TV: Catholic Voices speaker's bureau member, Ella Leonard and womenpriests.org International Coordinator, Therese Koturbash discuss the Vatican's new shared crime classification of paedophelia and 'attempted ordination of women.'

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