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Overview of Documents on Tradition on Our Website

A Partial List of Women Deacon Saints
A Woman Deacon’s Apostolate
A Woman Deacon’s service at the altar
A Woman Deacon’s Supervisory Role in the Assembly
Against Nature and God by Joan Morris
An Argument for the Restoration of the Female Diaconate in the Catholic Church by Phyllis Zagano
And all was Revealed to Him
Aristotle: Generation of Animals. Book IV, 725a-728a
Aristotle: Generation of Animals Book IV, 736b-737b
Aristotle: Generation of Animals Book IV, 765b-767b
Aristotle: Generation of Animals Book IV, 774b-776b
Background Information on the Donatio Constantini
Canonical Institutes and Religious Orders by Joan Morris
Canons of the Council of Nicea
Canons of the Second Synod of Orléans
Canons of the Synod of Epaon
Capitulary of Bishop Theodulf of Orléans
Catholic Women Deacons by Phyllis Zagano
Celibatarian Repression of Women by Uta Ranke-Heinemann
Celtic women in liturgical ministry
Church Councils on Women Deacons
Church Law and ‘Women Priests’
Church Law and Women Priests’ -prejudiced in its roots
‘Church Orders’ and the question of Women Priests (Early documents) by John Wijngaards
Clement of Alexandria
Coislin 213gr – folium 32r
Coislin 213gr – folium 32v
Concerning the question  Whether Women are Human Beings- German
Conclusion: Man is Superior by ‘a Gentleman'(1739)
“ Consider tradition . The case for women’s ordination” by Rose Hoover
Constant Tradition from Inter Insignores
Council of Chalcedon
Council of Nicaea II
Deaconesses in Late Antique Gaul by Matthew Smyth
Dedication to the Ladies by ‘a Gentleman'(1739)
Defining “prejudice”
Differences in the Ordination Service?
God and the Human Being in the Writings of Gertrud of Helfta
Greek Philosophy on the Inferiority of Women
How to Judge Tradition?
Ignatius of Antioch
In what Esteem the Women are held by Men, and how justly by a Gentleman, London 1739
Introduction Man Superior to Woman or A Vindication of Man’s Natural Right of Sovereign Authority over women by a Gentleman, London 1739

Isidore of Seville
James of Edessa
John of Telo
Letter of Atto, Bishop of Vercelli, to the priest Ambrose
Letters concerning Women Deacons published in the Tablet
Local Council of Gangra
Man Superior to Woman
Man Superior to Woman or A Vindication of Man’s Natural Right of Sovereign Authority over women by a Gentleman, London 1739
Manuscript Barberini gr. 336
Manuscript Barberini gr. 336 -Greek texts
Manuscript Coislin 213gr-folium33r
Manuscript Coislin 213gr-folium33v
Opponents to the Sacramental Character of Women Deacons
Overview of ancient Church Councils and Local Synods laying down rules
Overview of Church law and Church lawyers legislating about women
Overview of documents on Tradition on our website
Overview of documents on the Ordination of Women and Tradition
Overview of the Fathers of the Church involved in the discussion on the ordination of women
Overview since Apostolic Times
Post-medieval Theologians and ‘Women Priests’
Prejudice does not invalidate Tradition
Press Debate on Women and the Diaconate
Priesthood, Precedent and Prejudice by Professor Giorgio Otranto
Reconstructed Text from Seven Manuscripts
Sexuality, Gender and Christian Identity in the Fourth and Early Fifth Centuries by R.P. Fisher
St. Irenaeus
St. John Chrysostom
Statuta Ecclesiae Antiqua
Synod of Laodicea
The ‘False Decretals’
The History of Women Deacons
The ‘tradition’ of not ordaining women priests was not part of the real Tradition of the Church
The Apostolic Constitutions
The Apostolic Constitutions, Book VIII
The Barberini gr.336 Manuscript Introduction by Stefano Parenti
The Bessarion Manuscript
The Canons of Bishop Timothy
The Canons of Dionysius
The Canons of St. Basil
The Canons of the 217 Blessed Fathers who Assembled at Carthage
The Canons of the Council of Trullo
The Canons of the Holy and Altogether August Apostles
The Canons of the Synod of Orange
The Code of Canon Law, 1917
The Code of Church Law, 1983
The Coislin gr. 213 Manuscript
The Construction of Women’s Difference in the Christian Theological Traditon by Elisabeth Gössman
The crumbling of the institutional Church prejudice
The Didascalia Apostolorum
The Donation of Constantine
The Episcopal Jurisdiction of Abbesses by Joan Morris
The Fathers and the question of ‘Women Priests’
‘Latent’ Tradition in the Church by John Wijngaards
The latent Tradition, throughout the centuries
The Ordination of Women Deacons
The Ordination of Women Deacons according to the Apostolic Constitutions
The Ordination of Women Deacons in the Syriac Tradition
The Origin of the Fittest: Essays on Evolution by E.D.Cope
The penitential of Bishop Theodore of Canterbury (died 690 AD)
The Problem of the Ordination of Women in the Early Christian Priesthood by Giorgio Otranto
The Rabbinical Tradition regarding Menstruation
The Rhipidion
The Rights of Women According to Roman Law
‘Searching for the Tradition’ by James Hennessey SJ
“Stones will Cry Out” by Joan Morris
The Superiority of Men over Women founded on Custom and Tradition by a ‘Gentleman’
The Synod of Auxerre
The Synod of Rouen
The Tasks of Women Deacons
The Theory of Developments in Religious Doctrine, 1843 by John Henry Newman
The truly Christian response to the menstruation taboo
The Vision of Women by Carolly Erickson
The Walesby Tank by Charles Thomas
The Woman Deacon’s role at Baptism
Traditio Apostolica
Traditio perpetuo servata? by Hervé Legrand
Tradition and reasoning: a nonfoundationalist perspective by John E Thiel
Tradition and the Fathers from Inter Insignores
Tradition and Women’s Ministries from Inter Insignores
Tradition in Post-Scholastic Theology from Inter Insignores
Tradition in the Middle Ages from Inter Insignores
Tradition must be Informed
Overview of Traditons in Scripture and the Church
True Tradition in the Church is Dynamic and Growing
Valid Tradition is Scriptural
Vatican II on Tradition
Vatican Manuscript, gr. 1872
Views on the Ordination of Women by Fr.Herve-Marie Legrand,OP
What Capacity the Women have for Sciences by ‘a Gentleman’, London 1739,
When women were deacons
When Women Were Priests: Women’s Leadership in the Early Church. Book review by Theresia Saers
Whether the Women are equally qualified with Men for Government and Public Offices by ‘a Gentleman’, London 1739
Whether Women are equal to Men in their intellectual Capacity, or not by ‘a Gentleman, London 1739
Whether Women are Human Beings? by ‘Anon’ trans.from German
Whether Women are naturally qualified for Military Offices or not? by ‘a gentleman’, London 1739
Women and girls were not allowed to be singers in Church
Women as deacons
Women Deaconesses in Historical Records
Women deacons
Women Deacons – Overview
Women in the Church Interpreting the past, envisaging the future by Megan Walker
Women or Girls serving at Mass?!
Women Overseers of Churches by Joan Morris
Women Priests in the Ancient Church
“Women’s Quarrel” roughly 1500-1800, a series of articles.
Women were considered Inferior Creatures
Women were considered Ritually Unclean
Women were considered to be in a state of punishment for sin