First Synod of Saragossa

380 AD

Saragossa lies in Spain. The synod was attended by bishops from Spain and Aquitaine.

Source: K.Madigan & C. Osiek, Ordained Women in the Early Church, John Hopkins University Press 2005, pp. 183-184

One of its canons reads:

"Faithful women of the Church are instructed to take no part in the lectures and reunions of strange men. They are forbidden to come to women who give lectures, either out of zeal for teaching or to educate themselves. That is forbidden by theApostle [= Paul; in 1 Timothy 2,12]."

Comment: The Synod of Saragossa was convened to protect the Church against the heresy of the Priscillians. The Priscillians entrusted more authority to women, perhaps even ordained some as priests.


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