WOMEN IN MINISTRY: A STUDY. Report of the Working Party set up jointly by the Ministry Committee of the Advisory Council for the Church's Ministry and the Council for Women's Ministry in the Church. Published by Church Information Office


Report of the Working Party set up jointly by the Ministry Committee of the Advisory Council for the Church’s Ministry and the Council for Women’s Ministry in the Church

Published by Church Information Office
Church House, Westminster, SW1. 1968


Forward by Bishop Hollis, Chairman of the Working Party  
I. Introduction
The Working Party
Terms of Reference
The Report
Page 9
II. The Recent Historical Background
The Relgious Orders
The Order of Deaconesses
The Licensed Lay Worker
Page 13
III. The Present Position of Women in the Church of England
Page 18
IV. Forms of Service Today
The Religious Orders
The Church Social Worker
The Church Army
Deaconesses and Licensed Lay Workers
Page 20
Selection, Training and Accrediting for Full-time Service
Training and Qualification
Post-Commissioning Training
Page 27
VI. Present Difficulties
Law and Regulations
Custom and Practice
Page 29
VII. New Factors
Group and Team Ministries
Partners in Ministry
Anglican-Methodist Unity
New Forms of Training
Page 35
VIII Issues that the Church Must Face
The Question of the Priesthood
The Question of the Diaconate
Detached Notes:
1. Accredited Ministries and the Diaconate: A Plan
2. Alternative Suggestions for the Diaconate
3. Lay Participation in Ministry
Page 39
IX. Immediate Action
The Deaconess Order
Accredited Lay Ministry
Accrediting: the Future
Conditions of Work
The Supply of Women: Marriage, Part-time Work and the Future
Page 52
X Summary of Conclusions Page 59
1. Notes from the Lambeth Conferences on the Order of Deaconesses
2. Convocation Resolutions on Deaconesses 1939/41
3. Canon Dl. Of the Order of Deaconesses
4. Extract from the Service for the Making of a Deaconess
5. Extracts from Canon E4. Of Readers
6. Canon E7. Of the Commissioning and Licensing of Women Workers
7. Extracts from Canon B12
8. Prayer Book (Further Provisions) Measure
9. Convocation Regulations on the Taking of Services
10. Banns of Marriage
11. Extracts from the Draft Synodical Government Measure
12. Extracts from the Pastoral Measure 1968
13. Extracts from the Letters of Admission of a Sister-Evangelist and an Evangelist
Page 61

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